Effective Storytelling with Cindy Ashton

“99% of people watching are not in business for money.”

Christina Daves (01:09-01:13)

We’ve seen many great storytellers that completely captured our hearts, whether it’s a great movie or something that we read somewhere when someone’s trying to get their message across. It’s a powerful tool that we can use to engage with a massive audience regardless of the platform we use. The question is, what’s the best way to tell your story?

Part One of ‘Effective Storytelling with Cindy Ashton’

Cindy Ashton is a Virtual & Keynote Speaker + Award-Winning TV Host. Drawing from her experience as a performing artist who has worked with Broadway producers, Emmy winners and now has an award-winning TV show airing to 186 million screens across the world.

She teaches her clients and audiences how to dramatically boost influence and conversions with the electrifying storytelling, speaking voice and body language skills usually reserved for entertainers.

“Put yourself in your reader’s place.” – Christina Daves (03:06-03:11)

When you get an email or read a story, what are the stories you’d like to hear about? What would you want to read in a magazine or newspaper? What would you want to watch on television?  The art of storytelling is more about showing rather than just telling. It may be factual information, but something visually or emotionally engaging is also crucial.

Part Two of ‘Effective Storytelling with Cindy Ashton’

Take a moment to pause and think about your story and write it out with feelings because effective storytelling attracts your potential clients, or just people in general, to learn more about what you do.

Don’t get involved in this business just for money. We should be in it because we love it, it gives us an opportunity to help people, and that’s how we can provide value to others.

“I learned to tell stories that were meaningful and impactful.” – Christina Daves (06:26-06:30)

When you deliver a visually engaging story, people will remember you for it and you become more relatable. The more people want to learn more about you, the more people will sign up for your list and they’ll want to be part of your tribe.

If this resonates with you at all and you want to learn more, go to my website: https://christinadaves.com/ so you can set up a call about a coaching session.

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