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You know you’re good at what you do. You’ve built an established reputation and business… But no one really knows about you. You aren’t the sought-after expert. People don’t automatically look for you online or go to your website because they’ve never heard of you. Is this frustrating you? Come join us for a 2-day live event where we will get sh*t done and make you KNOWN. Learn more >> HERE


This “Get Shit Done” experience will have you pitching the media,
building your brand voice,
mastering media soundbites, gaining on-camera media training, and more – while we’re together! 

You’ll also be part of either a four or six-month group coaching and come to Dallas in person to implement. Learn more >> HERE


What if it was possible to…

  • Close more deals with your speaking voice.
  • Read other people’s body language and adjust your presentation style to influence them.
  • Inspire people to take action on what you have to say with your body language.

Speak from your power is about getting advanced, nuanced training so that you become extraordinary, irresistible & unforgettable to clients, strategic partners, your team, and any audience you want to impact. Learn more >> HERE


During this training event, your agent will learn how to use media to generate leads and listings including:

  • 4 ways to maximize social media and start attracting leads in under 30 days
    3 ways to land on television, radio, print, and more
    How to use social media and publicity TOGETHER to get more listings and buyers
Learn more >> HERE

PR101 FAST TRACK – Digital Program

In this no-fluff, all actionable digital product, I give you 3 Easy Steps to Getting MASSIVE Visibility

I’ll Show You Step-by-Step:

  • How to Get Positioned as THE Expert in Your Niche (brand yourself and set yourself apart)
  • Secrets of Pitching the Media to Have Amazing Success (with specific pitching ideas you can use)
  • How to Get PR Famous™ Using Media (using traditional AND social media for MASSIVE exposure)   

Learn more >> HERE


An exclusive, by application only, “get shit done” membership program.

Grab a cup of your favorite something and join us weekly to pitch the media or submit for speaking engagements or… perhaps both!

We can even help you with prospecting (pitching) clients and customers.

Learn more >> HERE