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Seeing how people land in the media might just spark ideas for YOU! The results below are something we consistently see and I can’t wait for you to be next. This is just a sampling of what we’ve accomplished. In fact, I’ve appeared in over 1,000 media outlets and together with my students and clients we have over 1 BILLION views and over $100 Million in sales from free publicity.

Client Successes


Dr. Marci

Dr. Marcie, a Children’s Behavioral Therapist landed a column in New York Parenting Magazine and was featured all over the media during the 2016 election about how to talk to your kids. She was even interviewed by the legendary Dan Rather.

How did she do it? She pitched the column in the magazine and then used that as leverage to become THE expert in the media.

Je’net Kreitner

Je’net is the founder of Grandmas House of Hope in Orange County (homeless shelters). We positioned her as an expert in homelessness so she can pitch various topics and get the exposure of media in her community. She has been on the Today Show, NBC, CBS and many more.

Adam Calli

Adam has always been a master at landing his own publicity but post-COVID he saw a huge advantage. As the owner of an HR firm, he saw the constant changing landscape of corporate America and jumped in with media pitches related to various topics (travel bans, work from home policies, returning to work policies, etc.) This was a segment on FOX in Nashville (he is located in D.C.). He has also been featured in numerous national print and trade publications.

Monique Derfuss

Monique Derfuss of Sound Wellness was featured on ABC sharing her craft of Gong Therapy. She pitched an anchor who she researched and learned enjoys things like yoga. This was an easy yes when you appeal to a journalist’s owns interests.

Julie Busha

Julie Busha, the founder of Slawsa, knew her dream media outlet… the Today Show. She paid attention and watched regularly. When she heard Dylan Dryer mention she loved to top her hotdogs, Julie sent her a case of Slawsa with a handwritten note. Lo and behold on National Hotdog Day, Dylan shared Slawsa with the Today Show audience (7 million viewers).

Kay Bransford

Kay Bransford of MemoryBanc landed on the Dr. Oz show discussing her parent’s dementia. How did she get there? The Dr. Oz producer I knew reached out to me and I was able to recommend Kay. This is why relationships with journalists are so important.

Susan Bourassa

This is one of my favorite stories. Susan is a home stager. She saw an NBC journalist’s request for a real estate agent in a certain area to film a segment in a home for sale. She had just staged a home there so offered that property. The reporter quickly changed the story from how many homes the agent had sold to how homes the home stager had staged to show how the market was booming in that area.

Lizzy Conroy

Lizzy Conroy, a real estate agent used the calendar to pitch a great segment idea, Do Sellers Have to Disclose a Death in the Home or if its a Haunted House? She did a great job wearing a witch’s hat and really positioned herself as the expert in the media.

Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo, Gluten Free School appeared on Dr. Oz, not just one in 30 days, but twice. How did she do it? She followed our system and responded to a Help a Reporter Out query for the first one. The second appearance was easy because she’s built a relationship with the producer.

Antrina Curry

Antrina Curry of Caring Hearts with Healing Hands Home Care was featured TWICE on Coast Live on CBS in one month. The first pitch was about if you are able to spend time with elderly during COVID (timely story). And then again for National Caregivers Day where she talked about Caregiver Burnout.

Ashleigh Weymeher

Ashleigh is a real estate agent who started pitching local newsworthy stories to her local NBC station. Her first pitch was regarding The Amazon Effect when Amazon announced it’s HQ2 in her area. Then, she pitched a follow up story of what happened in Seattle after Amazon went there and landed this segment. The reporter sent her an email that said she had “perfected the pitch.” Imagine when Ashleigh works with sellers or buyers in the area where Amazon is locating, she is positioned as THE expert in the area.

Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris of ZippedMe invented a product. Instead of pitching the product on her local CBS station, she pitched a hometown hero story because she hired women who left abusive relationships or college students paying their way through school to make her products. This segment was so good, she could use it on her website as an informercial of her product.

Client Successes


Dr. Diva Nagula

Dr. Diva Nagula was featured on a radio tour across the U.S. discussing the cancer death rate seeing it’s largest one year drop. He is the author of From Doctor to Patient that chronicles his Stage 4 cancer diagnosis and his road to recovery. He used his expertise as a doctor and a cancer survivor to be the ideal guest. Hear the interview here.

Dr. Jonelle Anamelechi

Dr. Jonelle Anamelechi is a Pediatric Dentist. She pitched a story to the #1 drive talk radio (where parents are listening) about kids being home with virtual school and not having healthy lunches provided. She gave tips on how to eat healthy for both bodies and teeth. Her pitch was timely, “back to school” in September.

Dr. Sandor Kulin

Dr. Sandor Kulin was on stations across the country discussing viruses and the resurgence of Measles. Being featured on so many different programs positions him as an expert in the medical field.

Laura of Keller Williams


Laura of Keller Williams “newsjacked” the last presidential election. She lives in the town where Lydia Taft cast the first woman vote for president. This was when Hilary Clinton was the first ever woman to run for president. She had a holiday created in her town, Lydia Taft Day, and held an essay contest for high school students. Imagine when these parents (potential buyers and sellers) hear about a real estate agent who did all of this great stuff for their town and the kids? Here she is promoting it on WBZ Radio in Boston.

Client Successes


Connie Inukai

Connie Inukai is the perfect example of someone who took the system, implemented and saw tremendous success. Connie invented a product, Tip n Split at 70 years old. She used the system and in one year was able to get her product featured on TODAY, Good Morning America, The View, FOX News, tons of local television affiliates, national magazines, including this one in Real Simple, and so much more. She got millions and millions of views and sold tens of thousands of her product.

Casey Samson

Casey Samson, a top producing real estate agent was the cover feature of Real Producers Magazine. His story about how he has lived in the same town his entire life made for a great article/cover. He grew up playing sports there and now coaches local football in that town. His real estate speciality is also in this town. Imagine the credibility he received when he goes to listing appointments in his hometown with this magazine in hand.

Cedric Stewart

Cedric Stewart, a Realtor was featured in over 30 times in three months and then landed this article in Women’s Health Magazine (circulation over 2M) that discussed how a Realtor can help lessen the stress of selling a home. He used these media placements to repeatedly win listings.

Alison Henderson

Alison Henderson is a body language expert. In these times of COVID she is using her expertise on how to communicate with a mask on. AARP Magazine is THE #1 most circulated publication in the United States and this article exposed her business to 30+ million people.

Cami Balleck

Dr. Cami Balleck is a doctor of Naturopathy who pitched a thyroid story to First for Women Magazine. Her “hook” actually was used on the cover, “Sure Cure for Wired and Tired.” Cami is a repeat expert in this magazine and has been featured repeatedly.

Shari Jaeger Goodwin

Shari Jaeger Goodwin is a business coach. She pitched this story of her CEO coaching program that she runs with her horses to the local business section of her newspaper and landed on the front page. Imagine the credibility to her local business CEO’s. She then took this story and pitched FOX to come to her farm and film a segment.

Kris Wittenberg

Kris Wittenberg, CEO of Be Good to People knew her message would resonate with Oprah Winfrey. She got on a plane and went to an Oprah event where she met Gayle King, Editor in Chief of O Magazine. Gayle loved Kris’ shirt so much she immediately wore the one she was given and they took this photo together that Gayle then put in the magazine. Be Good to People is also a favorite of Hoda Kotb of the Today Show and was featured there as well.

Our results speak for themselves

Personal Highlights


Steve Harvey Show

My very first television appearance was on the Steve Harvey Show. It was amazing! I won his Top Inventor competition and won the grand prize of $20,000. Then, Diana Ross wore my product when she sang for President Obama. Watch an update about it here

How did I land on the Steve Harvey Show? I responded to Help A Reporter Out.


Once I found out when the Steve Harvey Show was airing, I reached out to my local NBC affiliate and pitched this segment showing my products the hour before the Steve Harvey Show aired. They loved it and had me on.

Dr. Oz

I appeared on Dr. Oz after I had provided tremendous value to a show producer I connected with on LinkedIn. She realized I was an entrepreneur and very well connected and she would reach out asking if I had guests for the show. I remained front of mind so when there was a segment I could do, she reached out to me.


This segment aired on ABC. I pitched a story about PR vs. Advertising for a business show.

Good Morning Washington

I pitched for several months and finally landed a spot. I prepared and did a great job which led to me being a regular contributor with monthly segments. See them all here.

Good Day DC on Fox

Building relationships is crucial to landing in the media. I got a call from Good Day DC on FOX to decorate the anchor’s medical boot on-air after she broke her foot. It was another anchor from FOX who I had done segments with (and provided value to by sending her other guests and segment ideas, remaining front of mind) who told the producer to reach out to me.

"Laura's Likes" on Fox

I was on a local segment of FOX called, “Laura’s Likes” where we featured CastMedic Designs for National Healthy Foot Month (this was my pitch – a non-traditional holiday). Then, the anchor was offered a 30 minute syndicated show, The Next Great Thing, and asked if I would be the featured inventor sharing how you take an idea from napkin to store shelves.

Personal Highlights



Interview on Bloomberg Radio about PR and business. I landed this segment from being a speaker at an event where Bloomberg was a sponsor and they asked me to do a segment.


I was interviewed across the U.S. about the Ellen DeGeneres situation with her producers and staff. Here is one segment from St. Louis.

Small Business Radio

This was in an interview with Small Business Radio. It’s important to see what stories they’ve already covered and how you can provide value beyond what they’ve done.

WERC 105.5

When the Washington Redskins were pressured to change their name, I was on a radio tour across the U.S. discussing what this meant for the brand of the team. Listen to one interview here.

Today Show Sirius XM

Interview with Today Show Sirius XM after they aired my product on the Today Show (when Savannah Guthrie was in a boot). What an amazing day this was! Our website blew up with orders.

WIOD 610 Radio

Great opportunity to analyze Super Bowl ads on radio stations across the country the day after the big game. Hear my thoughts from WIOD here.

Personal Highlights



This article was tremendous for my business and gave me the credibility of being featured in Forbes Magazine.

Success Magazine

I was featured in Success Magazine on a story about splitting with a business partner.

The Washington Post

After repeated pitches to the Washington Post, this reporter finally saw my story and was interested in covering it. Persistence and repeated pitching with new story ideas paid off.

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