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Before you work with anyone, what do you do? It’s very likely that you Google that person or company. The same is true for sellers, they are going to check you out on Google before they work with you. What happens when someone Googles you? Do you check out? Do you stand out online? 


Here are a few tips to make sure you check out:

1) Do you have a website?

2) Do you have at least one social media platform that you are active on?

3) Are you using the same colors and fonts on your website and your social media header(s)?

3) Do you regularly provide valuable content related to real estate?

4)  Have you guest blogged or written for a high-ranking site?

5) Do you regularly pitch the media?

6) Have you been featured in the media?

7) If yes, do you have a press page and/or links on your website?

8) Is your messaging consistent with your target market?

9) Do you regularly post video content?

10) Is your LinkedIn profile optimized and up-to-date?


These ten tips will help you check out when either the media or a potential client researches you. Don’t discount the power of the Google search engine and how it can benefit you and your real estate business. 


If you haven’t optimized your LinkedIn profile, check out this video I did about how to do that.


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