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How to Be on TV Shows:

A simple way to get your story or product picked up by the media, is pitching something that is valuable to that particular media outlet’s audience and paying attention to that particular news outlet and what they cover. Don’t forget to think of the news anchor as your potential audience too. Think of how your story can be useful to a large audience and then pitch that story to the media. See how Jody Harris landed her product in the media by reading below and watching the video.

PR Client:

Jody Harris, Creator of Zipped Me

Successful PR Topic:

Promoting a product that could be useful to a large group of people –  in this case women.

Why is this PR story relevant:

This is a unique product that can be very useful to women everywhere, especially those traveling alone. Any woman who puts on a dress to go to work or for a special occasion has felt the struggle of zipping up the back when you are alone. This product makes it easier for women to zip up their dresses while also doubling as a cute accessory (pearl necklace). Showing a unique product like this will have the audience tuning into the segment and wanting to learn more.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The news anchor has her own segment where she features products she loves called Laura’s Likes. Being that this is a new, unique product as well as appealing to her being a woman and someone who wears dresses quite often, made this an easy product for the anchor to want to use. Doing a bit of research before you pitch a story can help make it easier to get the YES. Seeing how useful this product could be to viewers made this an easy story for this particular news anchor to pick up.

Media outlet that was pitched:

FOX5, Washington DC

Free PR Interview Transcript

Time for Laura’s Likes. Yesterday, gadgets for the TV room, today we are in the closet. We are in the closet with a little something to help us get dressed. And yes, us meaning the ladies and you too. You stick around because we’ll have fun with this one.

A lot of us are wearing more dresses these days as opposed to suits and zipping them up can have us doing yoga moves, right? And if your shoulders aren’t loose, it’s hard, unless you have something like this. This is called the Zipped Me. It the dress zipper helper. There’s a mouthful.

Not only is the Zipped Me great for women in general, but as women age and lose mobility, this becomes really an invaluable tool. You can also use it on boots or anywhere that you might have difficulty with the zipper especially if you have a broken bone or neuropathy or you may not be able to use two hands for another reason.

Jody Harris is the entrepreneur behind this one. Here she is. She used to travel a ton for work and would have to ask housekeeping at the hotel or get the bellhop to get her dress zipped up all the way. And it was the moment, this is true. True story here. She actually asked a stranger in the hallway of a hotel to zip her up, and that was her aha moment.

Now, it’s not just a fashion aid, as you can see here, it’s a fashion accessory also. You can wear it as a necklace. How cool is that? Harris is proud that her product is made in the USA. You can find them on her website,, they’re $25. The zipped me was actually named a Forbes 2015, virtual trend setter. So you see the clip there on the end, it just Clips onto the onto a zipper and you pull it up the back.

So I was thinking the guys really can’t relate, right? So something like this sounds really kind of silly to the boys. So we decided to put Scott in the hot seat and see how well he could zip himself up from behind so that he could get a feeling of what we gals go through every day.

And then I want you to pretend like, you have to zip this up on your own, okay? We put the clip on the back and he pulled it up easily with the Zipped Me. So, the lesson here is, I’m sure you’re a lot more flexible. I mean, like I was telling her there’s like a portion of my back probably about that big that I just can’t scratch. But the back scratchers already been invented though. If I ever put my jacket on backward that is something I absolutely look into.

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