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How to Be on TV Shows:

Want to appear on TV more than once? Send follow-ups after your first appearance. Include updates about how you and your product are doing, and if there is anything new and exciting to share. This is a great way to get featured in the same media more than once. Check out the video and post above to see how Christina Daves landed on the Steve Harvey show multiple times.

PR Client:

Christina Daves, Creator of CastMedic Designs

Successful PR Topic:

Fashions accessories to decorate medical boots were the product that won Steve Harvey’s Top Inventor competition. When they were subsequently worn by celebrity superstar Diana Ross when she sang for President Obama at Christmas in Washington, it was easy to get the yes because of the wow factor of the story.

Why is this PR story relevant:

Media begets media. Once they’ve aired a story once, if you can come up with a follow-up story that appeals to their audience, it’s an easy “yes.” Also adding in the fact that a celebrity was involved. Celebrity Sells! Being able to go back to the producer and say Diana Ross wore the product that Steve Harvey’s audience voted their favorite was a great follow up story.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

Steve Harvey gave an update on CastMedic Designs after Diana Ross was seen wearing the product. Having already been on the show once to show off her designs and win his competition, this was an easy story to land. If your product is getting enough attention, and your story is still relevant, it should be easy to get a second appearance in the media. This segment was a no brainer after seeing the celebrity attention the product was receiving.

Media outlet that was pitched:

The Steve Harvey Show

Free PR Interview Transcript:

Welcome back everybody. We’ve got time for just one more thing. You know, I love showcasing some folks who’ve turned passions and dreams in the successful businesses. Well, that’s why I recently hosted my very own top inventor contest and the winner walked away with twenty thousand bucks in seed money. Well, here she is, showing off her creation.

So everyone knows how hard horribly, unattractive, medical devices are right? Slings, braces, and this. The big ugly medical boot. You know, there are 4 million people a year who wear these boots? Just like this, and I’m out to change that. So I created MediFashions to decorate them, to make them look fashion-forward.

So, there’s all different things you can do. There’s Wrap-Its, there’s Sock-Its. These are Strap-Its, and I’m actually wearing one. They all have an after injury use. So you can use it. Oh, an after injury use.

Well folks, I’m happy to share this information that Christina’s CastMedic Designs are seriously taking off. In fact, the one and only Miss Diana Ross recently hurt her foot and was sporting this ugly boot. But thanks to Christina’s accessories, Miss Ross was quickly back in diva form. Take a look. See that blue right there? Miss Ross, got hold to one and Christina’s boots and started rocking it. So if the one and only diva, the diva of divas, Miss Diana Ross can rock it, you know, it’s got to be good.

Look, I’m going to wish Christina and CastMedic continued success. And if you have a business that’s waiting to be discovered hit me up at Great show today, folks. Thanks for joining us. Thank you all for being apart of it.

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