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How to Be on TV Shows:

Have a good charitable idea? Pitch it to the media! Combine your expertise with a project that the media can help you with and watch your story land. Making a difference in a community or a person’s life can be inspiring enough to end up on TV. See how Susan Bourrasa landed in the media doing just that.

PR Client:

Susan Bourassa, Coast-to-Coast Interiors, Home Stager

Successful PR Topic:

Using your expertise to help out someone in need.

Why is this PR story relevant:

This a heart warming story about helping someone who has served our country. A home a stager volunteered her time and found sponsors to help transform a veteran’s home. The television station said yes because it was a story that It tugs at the heart strings making it a segment that many people are likely to tune in to watch, especially around the holidays. It is the perfect holiday feel good story that makes everyone want to go do something like this.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The news station liked the idea of them being able to help out with this project. Their time and energy combined with the expertise that Susan has made this an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. This story is a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Media outlet that was pitched:

CBS, WUSA9, Washington D.C.

Free PR Interview Transcript:

For months, we’ve been investigating dangerous living conditions in military housing. The Brewer family sent us these photos. They say that shows mold spreading all over their Fort Belvoir home – a home where they lived with their six kids. So they lost everything to mold this year twice. So they moved into their new home for the holidays with almost nothing.

This family serving our country deserves better. So we asked the community to join us to make an impact and give them a place that looks and feels like home.

Hi there. How are you? Happy holidays. Nice to meet you. Can we come in? Yeah. Okay. Great to see you. It’s been a pretty crazy journey for you. You’ve had to move multiple times. Your husband was overseas. What’s that been like for you?

Stressful but during that, you know, I met some of probably my best friend’s for life. And now you’re here. Yes. Yes. How is this home for you? Slowly and I’ll turn it into a home. I hope.

What if we could do something for you since you’ve done so much for so many others. Did somebody open the door?

This is Susan Bourassa from Coast to Coast Interiors. We want to give you a home for the holidays. We have a truck full of furniture. We have vans full of accessories.

You’re gonna make me cry some of your best sister friends are standing out in the cold waiting to come in here and transform your house.

Amanda didn’t choose to live in these kind of conditions. She didn’t choose to put her kids in here. She’s never had a chance to settle here because she started running to help other families.

Well, we’re really excited to see how we can all work together to create something that feels like home for just an amazing family. So have a wonderful afternoon. We’re kicking you out of your own house. You got to go. This time for good reason.

We’re going to keep this dining table. Okay, so basically big enough without…and then upstairs is the dresser, two nightstands and another TV.

Our mission is to let people over obstacles but we do it anonymously our benefactors don’t know our recipients, our recipients don’t know our benefactors. We recognize that you found a perfect opportunity for us to anonymously lift somebody over this obstacle.

This family’s very well deserving. I don’t think she’s going to have words. She’s definitely not going to have words. Probably going to cry. I’m gonna cry. Your going to cry. We’re all going to cry. I’m gonna cry.

Come on in. Welcome Home! Oh.

What were you hoping to create for the Brewers? I just want them to have a home. I want them to have a home to have new memories.

And your new master bedroom? I love it. It’s so great and I like rugs and it’s really, really soft. Oh my God, I really think it’s pretty awesome. They said they were going to go a little crazy. I think they meant it.

Yeah, they replaced about everything. So it’s beyond anything I could have imagined. This is amazing.

We have so many people to thank for making that house a home for the Brewers Coast-to-Coast Interiors donated all the design work and some of what you saw in the home. We asked the Invisible Hand to help and they donated $5,000. Bob’s Discount Furniture paid for some of that furniture. The Home Depot in Hybla Valley donated a Christmas tree and all kinds of supplies. We’ve got a full list on and you know, it just goes to show what can happen when everyone pitches in. So from our Impact Family to you. Happy Holidays.

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