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How to Be on TV Shows:

What are you an expert on? What can you bring to the table? Think about that and what stories you can pitch to the media that are focused on your expertise. A great way to land the media is to show how knowledgeable you are about a topic or product. Watch the video below and read the post to see how Christina Daves landed in the media.

PR Client:

Christina Daves, Media strategist, PR For Anyone, Parler App

Successful PR Topic:

Discussing the popularity of the Parler App.

Why is this PR story relevant:

The app is new and unique compared to the other social media platforms that are so popular. This app is being utilized mainly by conservatives who wish to not be censored as they are on other platforms. They are calling themselves a non-bias free speech platform for anyone who wants to use it. For those who want to be heard by other conservatives and those who want to listen to other conservatives, this is the perfect app. This is an easy story to gain a large number of views from a certain group of the audience.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The app itself was new and exciting to the news anchor, along with the insight from Christina. Having an app that was so relevant to what was going on at the time that it came out was sure to attract a lot of attention. Not only that, but also being able to have someone on the show that was able explain the app made this a very informative and relevant story.

Media outlet that was pitched:

CBS46, Atlanta Georgia

Free PR Interview Transcript:

Downloaded free app in the Apple App Store and on, Google Play, is an app called Parlor. I took a closer look at why this social media app has been growing since the spring. If you haven’t heard of parlor yet, you will. The social media app is now more popular than TikTok, Zoom and YouTube. It’s being called the Twitter for conservatives who are looking for a site where they’re not censored.

It gives them an opportunity to speak for people who want to listen to them.

Christina Daves Media Strategist says she’s not surprised parlor has gained ground because of the divisiveness and the presidential election. The divide increased recently after Twitter applied fact-check and explanatory labels on several of President Trump’s tweets about ballot counting.

The president is one of the most prominent figures on parlor where he repost those same tweets without any fact-check warning. Parlor calls itself, a non-biased free speech social media platform that doubled its number of users since April. Included among those 1.7 million users, members of the Trump campaign, Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, along with the National Rifle Association.

While there is said to be some liberal users on the app as well. Parlor promotes its user’s ability to tailor their feeds by filtering and blocking specific words you don’t want to see.

We need to take a step back and pay attention. Why is this so popular? How do we bring everybody back together? You know, it’s it’s just so sad right now that we’re so divided and so divisive.

All downloads of Parlor surged when Twitter and Facebook tried to crack down on Election misinformation.

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