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How to Be on TV Shows:

Think about what is going on in the world right now, what is trending, what holidays are coming up and think about how you can pitch a story around that. Do you have industry insight on what is happening? Are you an expert in an industry that relates to what is happening? If you can relate to current events, use that to get yourself on TV. Watch the video below and read the post to see how Antrina Curry, RN who owns a home healthcare company in Virginia Beach, VA landed in the media.

PR Client:

Antrina Curry, Chief Caregiving Officer, Caring Hearts with Healing Home Care

Successful PR Topic:

Using her expertise as a registered nurse to relate to a current event.

Why is this PR story relevant:

COVID-19 was something that everyone in the world dealt with at the same time. People were scared and unsure of what to do. Antrina had insight on the matter that could answer some questions people had about being with their loved ones, specifically the elderly. Considering that virtually every single person in the world was thinking about these issues at the same time, the story that she pitched was perfect because it was so relevant.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The news at this time were mostly putting stories out that revolved around COVID-19 information. Knowing this and knowing that she had advice to give about this topic, Antrina used that to her advantage to come up with a good pitch. Sharing her knowledge on something so important at the time helped her to successfully land the media. She found out on segment day that the host had not hugged her mother in months and when Antrina used the hook “Yes, you can hug your grandparents” it instantly appealed to her and she booked the segment.

Media outlet that was pitched:

Coast Live, 3WKTR, Coastal VA, Northeast NC

Free PR Interview Transcript

Keep seniors safe and safe during the pandemic, of course. But our next guest says, there’s an important difference between physical and social distancing. Antrina Curry from Caring Hearts with Healing Hands. Home Care Services is here with some ways to stay connected.

How you doing Arina? Good morning. I am doing wonderful, how are you?

I’m so glad you’re here because I have a 90 year old mom, who, you know, we kind of have been distancing from but you’re saying, there’s a difference. And explain the difference between social and physical.

So, seniors play a very important role in our communities today. So while we’re making them safe, we want to make sure that we are using the correct verbiage also. There is a difference between social distancing versus physical distancing. We want to physically distance ourselves from our seniors, we don’t want to be socially distancing from them. We don’t want to be socially isolating ourselves from them.

So you know we want to change that verbiage that we’re using. Okay so we start by changing the way we describe it, then what are our actions after that? So some actions you want to take.

So you want to keep in touch with your seniors on a regular basis. If it, whether it’s through Zoom, whether it’s through Skype, Google Hangouts, you know, we got FaceTime right. You know, you got Facebook. It’s different social settings that you could do to stay in touch with that loved one. And there’s also Wellness visits, okay?

And you know, I just put my mom on Zoom but part of the problem is that I have to go set it up for her and then go back and Zoom with her. What are some ways to make sure that we still, you know if we want to physically see them, that we protect ourselves but also protect our seniors?

So if you say like you’re meeting with your mom and you’re having a visit, because you want to keep those visits up, you just want to make sure when you’re there you’re wearing a mask, you are sanitizing your hands at all times you’re, disinfecting the area. You want to make sure, is it an outside setting? If it’s outside, you can make sure things are well ventilated, you know, windows open, things like that. And even then, you make sure you’re six feet apart. How many visitors will be there? Will it just be you and your mom? Will it be you your mom and other people?

So each person you want to make sure they are at least six feet apart. But you can always always visit your mom. You want to stay visiting her, you want to stay connected.

Tell me about the provisions that you’re making because part of the issue with people who care for the elderly is where have they been? Who are they communicating with? Who are they social distancing or not from and then they come into the home. So are you guys making any special Provisions?

Oh yes. So we’re following, you know, strict guidelines and that with the CDC. So in our homes I call them little covid centers. So once our caregivers come into the home, we have these centers set up in their home. They have to be, they have to not be tested, but they have to have their temperatures taken. They have to answer those questions. Have you been anywhere? Have you come in contact with somebody that might have had covid? Have you had to quarantine? Those are the type of questions we have to ask, and then if they have a temperature they can’t work.

Okay. All right. Well, that there it is. So how do you know if you need somebody from Caring Hearts with Healing Hands.

So some things you want to check. How is your mom’s eating habits? Has her eating decreased? Does she have meals already prepared for her? Is there a decrease in nutritional values? You know, is she taking her medications? That’s an important piece. Is she missing days? Is she getting her medications and prescriptions seen and everything like that? You know, those are important things that you want to look at. You know, you also want to look at how is her housekeeping? Has she been able to keep up our house lately? Does she need help with those things, right? Is she able to get her mail? Is the newspapers and that piled up on the on the porch? It’s little signs like that that lets, you know, you know maybe your loved one needs some help, they need some care.

Well, there’s the information right there. Miss Curry, thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate all tips that you’ve told us about. Thank you for having me Julie.

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