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How to Be on TV Shows:

If you want to get your product on TV, a great way to do that is to pay attention to your favorite television outlet and listen if they have interest in something related to your product. You can also see what they are posting on social media and get a feel for what they like and are interested in. By doing a little bit of research and paying attention to who may like your product, you can easily get your product seen in the media. See how Slawsa landed on the Today Show by reading below and watching the video.

PR Client:

Julia Busha, Creator of Slawsa,

Successful PR Topic:

Using the interests and likes of a national news anchor to land her product on TV.

Why is this PR story relevant:

This is a smart way to get your product massive visibility. You can do research on your local news anchors, or even nationally known news anchors, and then appeal to their likes and share your product with them. In this case, Julie heard Dylan Dryer of the Today Show say she loved to top her hotdogs. Julie’s product, Slawsa, is a coleslaw/salsa/mustard combo that is used on hotdogs. She sent Dylan samples with a note that said “I heard you say you loved to top your hotdogs.: By personalizing the note as well, it helps prevent for the product to get lost in the mailroom where they are inundated with random samples that are sent to shows like Today, and making sure it lands in the right hands.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

Dylan Dryer said she liked to top her hotdogs. When she received Slawsa she tried it, and loved it. She then featured them on a segment for National Hot Dog day and in fact, told the entire story on the air on how she learned about Slawsa. Julie’s #1 outlet to appear in was Today Show so by paying attention and doing a bit of homework, she was able to succeed in her desire to have Slawsa appear on the Today Show and have 7+ million people learn about her product. Additionally by sending it in a timely fashion (before summer season and National Hotdog day) is important because it makes it more likely the product/storyline will be used. If you sent a product for topping hotdogs in Winter, it might not have landed on air.

Media outlet that was pitched:

Today Show

Free PR Interview Transcript

It is national hot dog day. Yes. Yes she liked National french fry day. Every day is a national food. What what what, what’s your favorite on your hot, dog? My normal favorite. I need to just tell something. Here has always been relish and yesterday, right? Okay. I said relish on air one time and this company sent me this jar of Slawsa and it’s basically a mix of mustard and relish and cabbage. And it’s like I love in one jar. Wow. Yes. I know they have different versions. This is regular, plug some sauerkraut and mustard. Yeah. Mine’s just ketchup and mustard relish mustard. And I also like onion sauce.

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