How to Be on TV Shows:

Want to get on local television? Think of a story that is relevant to your local community and also what is happening in the world right now.  Use your position within your local community along with the expertise you have within your industry to pitch the perfect story. Also, make sure you check out when the media checks you out. Have good content. In Keith’s case he is a partner with Explore My Town so he is regularly putting out video related to his community in Charleston, SC. Make sure you have a good website too so when the media lands on it, you are easy to use as their expert.

Watch and read below to learn more about how Keith Lucas used this to land the media.

PR Client:

Keith Lucas, Realtor

Successful PR Topic:

Using timely and relevant trending media topics to get in the media.

Why is this PR story relevant:

The relevance of this story comes from the timeliness and location of the story pitched. It is very relevant and potentially important information for people watching this program. Knowing there is a shortage of houses on the market and prices skyrocketing will help the viewer if they are deciding to buy or sell. Having a story that people want to learn more about and targeting that story to your specific area will attract the media.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

This story can be important or intriguing to many people in your area. By discussing a topic that is fitting for your local community, it is more likely that your local news station will pick it up. They will get more views when the stories they are reporting about are pertinent to those around the community.

Media outlet that was pitched:

WCIV, ABC News 4, Charleston South Carolina

Free PR Interview Transcript

Across the country, home-buyers are paying a whole lot more to close on that dream home in the Low Country. Demand for homes is up while the number of house on the market has significantly decreased.  According to Keith Lucas, an associate broker at eXp Realty, says as of this morning there were 1,251 houses on the market.

Normally during this time in the area there can be anywhere between 6,300 to 6,500 hundred homes.  This supply issue now causing many bidding wars to happen or “auctions” as Lucas describes them. Lucas talked about a recent client who was just one out of 14 bidding on a single property. In hopes of getting the home they bid 10% above asking price.

However the demand is so high that the 10% increase landed them in 9th place for the property.  Lucas advises those looking for a home to know it’s going to take longer than they think and that more bids will need to be placed in order to reach a contract.

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