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Amazon Effect Story Lands Realtor® on Television

In our case studies, we share how people landed in the media. Seeing by example should help you get ideas that pertain specifically to you. We show normal people who pitched on their own and get media exposure. This one was a great one as it put Ashleigh on the producer’s and reporter’s radar and because she pitched her story so well, they invite her back regularly. She even received an email from the reporter that said she had perfected the art of the pitch.

Watch Ashleigh’s segment here or read the full transcript below.

PR Client:

Ashleigh Wehmeyer, Realtor®, Compass

Successful PR Topic:

Amazon’s effect on the Washington, D.C. area real estate market.

Why is this PR story relevant:

Amazon announced that HQ2 would be located in the Northern Virginia area right outside of D.C. What this means for the local real estate market makes it a relevant and valuable story to their audience. Everyone who has access to NBC Channel 4 in the D.C. area is impacted by the local real estate market.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

As mentioned above, this story appealed to the media because the local real estate market impacts all aspects of the local economy. Discussing what will happen to prices and inventory and how many new jobs will be created and where those people will live made the story pitch appealing to Channel 4’s audience.They also showed what your dollar will get you in various neighborhoods around the D.C. metro area.

Media outlet that was pitched:

WRC, NBC4, Washington D.C.,

Free PR Interview Transcript


The hottest zip code in the DMV is arguably 22202 the soon-to-be site of National Landing. Amazon’s HQ2 moving into Arlington County is a big deal for the housing market for both buyers and sellers. Amazon says it will hire 25,000 employees over the next decade and while demand for housing here is high, inventory is low. The day we shot this Bright MLS had just 11 properties for sale in that zip code. While this isn’t unusual for this time of year as the holidays approach, Realtors we talked to say even at the height of the spring market, inventory was low.

So here we go again. Producer Patricia Fantis and I are headed out to see just how much house we can get for our money at National Landing. All right, so house number one? We are headed to a condo on Glebe Road with stunning views. This is it! Hi Ashleigh. How are you? Good to see you. Ashleigh Wehmeyer is with Compass Realty. Welcome to 222W at the Eclipse. This condo has the living and dining on one side, two bed and two bath on the other. It’s just over 1,000 square feet and listed at $650,000. Kitchen front and center, nice view outside as well. Absolutely. It’s got some angles but staging helps the vision. I think one thing that’s great about it is it really lives a little bit larger. This light-filled corner unit is the epicenter, Wehmeyer says, of HQ2. Over the Four Mile Run creek is where VT Innovation campus is going to be. And then there’s of course retail, Potomac Yard metros going to be there. HOA’s are more than $550, but it comes with 24 hour concierge, a gym, and the sweeping city views.

All right, number two? We are headed to a town house. This one is more expensive but it’s going to be the biggest property we’re going to see today. I like that. Hi Erica, how are you? Very good. Hi, Patricia. Welcome to 1810 24th Street South.

Kay Houghton of Kay Houghton and Associates is showing us this townhouse. You can’t help but notice the floors. Yes. They’re really cool. It’s a really cool, really traditional look but it really opens up the space here. It’s a three bed, two and a half bath. Our largest property at more than 2,500 square feet priced at $879,900. You’ll notice things like the spiral staircase, the hardwoods, and wainscotting or wainscoting or whatever. The kitchen could stand to be updated though. The appliances are nice. You can save those and then just rework the layout. Absolutely. But here’s something you don’t see every day. You have a full service elevator here. But look at this. We’ve got the traditional door to close and you’ve got a button here that’ll take you all the way up to the bedroom level. Can I phone a friend? Yeah, hahaha.

Tres, this is the most expensive property that we’re going to see today. How expensive? Over a million bucks. Hey okay! But it’s stunning. They’ve done some beautiful renovations. Okay. This is adorable. Hello. Hi! How are you guys doing? Good how are you! Welcome to 2510 South Arlington Ridge Road. Hi Justin. Hi hi. Wow. Justin Powers with Rosemont Real Estate is the agent and the developer on this house. This house has curb appeal, but the traffic may be a bother to some. It’s a four-bed, three and a half bath and just under 2,400 square feet counting the finished basement. It’s the most expensive property we’ve seen at 1.2 million dollars. You’ll see we obviously have the open floor plan that everyone’s you know, the modern family likes nowadays. We have the formal dining room off the kitchen here. Wide-plank flooring and black fixtures are spot-on with trends. The master shower is lux. I got to get in! Hahaha. Look at this, party in the shower! It’s huge.

But the real showstopper is the heart of the home. That is my dream kitchen, stunning. I love everything about it, white on white on white. These are the new Cafe appliances where you have the option to change out the hardware color. You guys get a rose gold here. Bold, but I like it. Amazon will attract employees at every level and not everybody will want to buy.

National Landing has rows and rows of apartments from the more established to the bright and shiny. One bedrooms around here will cost you anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 dollars. Realtors we talked to say if you plan on selling, things look good. Keep in mind though, while you may make money in the zip code, you may turn around and find you’ve priced yourself out. Keep the long game in mind. The Amazon effect will happen over time. Here’s an update from Erica. The seller on the condo, the first property we saw, turned it into a rental. It’s close to 3,000 a month for the unit with the long-term tenant and now looking for an investor. The town house sold for $870,000 about 10,000 under the list price and the realtor behind the fully renovated house that they loved says, he’s had a lot of interest and expects it will be off the market soon and that producer who was trolling around in the kitchen, I think she may still be in there. Exactly, I would have been twirling in that elevator. I gotta get me one of those now. That’s pretty cool.

They’re having a lot of fun doing those stories.

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