How to Be on TV Shows:

Want to be on TV Shows? Pitch a good story that is valuable to an audience and pitch it to the right person. That is the simple formula for media success: I call it my Get PR Famous Formula: be newsworthy, create a great hook, and find the right journalist. Watch the video below and then read the post to learn more about how Shari landed in the media.

PR Client:

Shari Jaeger Goodwin, Business Strategist, Jaeger 2

Successful PR Topic:

Using horses to train CEO’s about confidence and leadership.

Why is this PR story relevant:

This is a unique way to train business leaders. Most people are used to conferences, speakers, even online training, but this is unexpected. Using horses to teach leadership skills is something intriguing to an audience. It will make them come back after the commercials to hear a story that don’t quite understand – “How can horses foster leadership skills?” It’s an easy “Coming up next…” story.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

The news anchor loves entrepreneurial stories and, she used to ride horses. Doing a little bit of homework on who you are pitching a story to will help you succeed. Sharing her passion with the audience made this an easy pitch. Many reporters and anchors are able to give their input on stories so she appealed to this particular anchor. Shari invited her to the farm with the horses so it instantly became a very visual segment.

Media outlet that was pitched:

WTTG, FOX5, Washington D.C.

Free PR Interview Transcript

Business coaching has been around for decades but a fairly new trend in coaching involves horses. It does. Unlike us, horses have a sixth sense. They can sense intent and as prey animals, they can sense fear, anger, anxiety even joy and relaxation. So they’re actually able to mirror back to us the energy that we are putting out there and it may not match exactly how we see ourselves. Deep in Virginia Horse Country, He’s not what you’d expect to go for intensive business leadership coaching sessions. So we want to just balance our energetic state first and then we will approach him but that’s what’s going on here. Shari Yeager Goodwin uses her horses to help people improve their leadership style. Today she’s working with three women business owners. And just notice how you feel, where you may be holding tension in your body. Noble is nervous. He spent much of the morning kicking, running and sweating. Goodwin says it’s a direct reflection of the nervous energy in the room. This is about offering neutral safe energy to Noble who’s a little nervous today. But watch what happens as Goodwin calms the women, asking them to ground themselves. Feel your feet on the floor. Wiggle your toes. Connect to the deep energy of the earth. To breathe deeply and rebalance their energy, Noble calmly and quietly approaches the women. And just notice where he is. He’s drawn to this energy because this is an energy of confidence and trust.

And this is the energy you need to be an inspired leader and to inspire motivate others to follow you. Goodwin is a business strategist and author with a background in science and entrepreneurship. And the evidence is in the horse. They’re going to tell you the God’s honest truth right there in front of you whether you want to hear it or not. And for some people it’s really painful. So we’re going to approach nice and quietly. Then we’re going to go to the center of the arena. One decides to stay out. She tells us later because she is still not feeling calm. Goodwin asks the other women to get Noble to follow them. To lead him without a rope. It’s an action that requires the horse to trust. What’s your plan? Where you going? Are you surprised? Yes. Sorry. I did not think that I was going to be able to calm Noble down and make him go right to that ball. I was surprised that my confidence and conviction could lead to that. Kara Dickey is a Software Management Consultant who’s been working with Goodwin to improve her leadership style. Now I am enjoying work better because I think about it differently. Instead of being a dictator I’m more of a kind of like a counselor. It’s a skill, you know, you learn the skill of being grounded. You learn the skill of finding a peaceful place. The more you do it, the more skillful you become.

Bobby McIntyre, a Navy Captain, retiring from the military after more than 30 years is looking to increase her confidence as she launches a new business. I have used the grounding techniques and calming techniques to keep business meetings flowing, to keep things on-topic, and to pull the best out of people. And I’m coming from a place of sincerity and love in truth. It’s love. I have this expansive love for people and I just want to help them and they started to come and they’re coming. They were all so passionate about this and you know, the nation’s top business strategist say humans rely mostly on verbal communication, but the horses teach us to listen, teach us to listen to communicate with our hearts and our whole bodies. So that’s really, the what’s this so essential to being a good leader and that’s the whole point of this, and I have to tell you guys noticed how sweaty that horse was. When we first walked into that arena in the morning, he was kicking. We didn’t get the kicking on camera. I’m a horse person. I grew up riding. I would never have gotten into that arena with that horse. I thought that horse had never had a saddle on him. He has. The transformation was astounding to me. I was a little cynical when I first walked in to think, “How is this going to play out?” So he was picking upon the negative energy in the room, essentially the anxiety anxiety. Yeah, the the anxious energy. Very interesting Yeah. It really is it really is.

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