Public Relations Example

PR Client:

Kay Bransford, Professional Financial Advocate and Owner, MemoryBanc

Successful PR Topic:

Organizing financial and medical records for aging parents or loved ones.

Why is this PR story relevant:

Aging parents are the fastest growing population and many people (i.e. viewers) are struggling with what to do when their parents become ill or pass away. Kay’s workbook allows children or caregivers to have access to important medical and financial records before someone is incapacitated.

Why this pitch appealed to the media:

NBC in Baltimore is always looking to engage their audience. Everyone, including the host, is overwhelmed by their personal information – account numbers, passwords, access codes, etc. Couple that with information of aging parents and it’s quite overwhelming. This story provides value to their audience whose demographic is very likely people in the age group who are affected by caring for elderly loved ones and needing to have both their personal affairs in order but also knowing all the information of older people they care for.

Media outlet that was pitched:

WBAL – TV – NBC Baltimore, MD

Free PR interview transcript:

And welcome back ways to simplify your life. It’s all in a new book by MemoryBanc. It’s really a workbook for how to manage important documents and accounts and so much more. Author Kay Bransford is here with her book.

Good morning. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me. Why did you write this book? I wrote this book really out of personal necessity. I stepped in to help my parents when they were having some health issues

and I realized that even though they did all this Estate Planning and the financial plans were in order. I didn’t know a lot of stuff, I needed to be their medical advocate. I needed to pay bills and I needed to manage their household.

I needed a lot more information. So, everything I was doing people asked me for and I ended up putting it into a book because they kept asking me for copies. And so that’s how the book was born. And so really these are documents

and accounts that need to be organized and we talked about how to do this. So you say start with the essentials first. So really the essentials are your personal papers, from birth certificates and marriage certificates to your estate planning

documents, your will. I would say the most important things are your medical directives and your power of attorney.Anyone over the age of 18 should actually have this in place because someone may need to be your spokesperson for you.

So having those documents are very important. Financial documents, financial is important to have organized because I guess most people don’t know there’s 58 billion reasons why they need to have it organized.

58 billion dollars is sitting with state and federal treasures today, it’s money lost in a move or personal crisis that people don’t know about and it gets turned back over to the state because no one claimed it. Medical documents those are essential

too you have to know what’s going in and out. Absolutely, your medical history it’s really hard to kind of come up with dates. And if someone needed to speak for you, they really need to know what your history is. Okay, and then just making sure

that some of your household every day things are intact. Your contacts, your online information and accounts that sort of thing. Right online’s very important because most of us forget, like think how many times you’ve made you reset a password.

Oh sure. So just having it written down and being able to refer to it is a quick way to have all that information at your fingertips. Jeez all the different passwords that are out there it’s really  crazy. And your business records and your subscriptions, all

of that. Yes, subscriptions and memberships is important. Most people don’t realize that you’re getting a renewal subscription before it needs to be renewed. So sometimes people are renewing their subscriptions prematurely, please tell me it’s

normal to be disorganized. I mean our lives are so hectic right now, and there’s so many things were all involved in Absolutely. It’s very normal. I think part of it is our lives are so complicated. We have so much new technology. We have so many

phone numbers, so many online accounts, so those things are great. But now we have a lot more information to manage. All right, and your book will help people get there? Absolutely. Alright, we can find it? On Amazon, Barnes & Noble, any of

those online retailers, as well as many bookstores are carrying it. All right, her book is MemoryBanc. Thank you so much for joining us.

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