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Elon Musk, Twitter and PR

We had some huge news this week with Elon Musk buying Twitter. What does that have to do with PR? EVERYTHING! I’m always talking about “newsjacking.”

If you need a refresher on Newsjacking, watch this interview I did with David Meerman Scott who coined the term.

There are so many story angles around this topic. Watch the video and/or read the transcript and you’ll see a bunch including things related to:

  • Social Media
  • PR
  • Financial Stories

One of my clients reached out today sharing her idea on this topic about leadership and what happens when Elon Musk takes the reigns of a company that is currently in a hybrid situation and what that will do for corporate culture. Read all about it and see how you can insert yourself into the story. Since they need to get Board approval of the sale, you’ll still have time to pitch around this topic. Watch the newsjacking at see if that sparks some ideas too. Happy pitching!


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Hey everyone, it’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about hot, hot news that a lot of us can be newsjacking on. But before I get into all of that, make sure you subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so you get all of these amazing PR tips.

So, what is the big news this week? Elon Musk is buying Twitter and there are so many stories that we can trickle out of that newsjacking that we talk about all the time. First and foremost, if you are a marketing or social media person, what does that mean? Twitter has kind of fizzled a little bit. I’m kind of advising my clients, don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter. It’s just not what it used to be. Can Elon Musk bring that back? He spent $44 billion dollars on that. I heard this morning that’s 20 percent of his income. If you are a financial planner, what does that mean? I mean those are numbers that are kind of out of most normal people’s realm, but you can liken it to what if you spent twenty percent of your net worth buying a business? What is the risk factor there? What is involved with that?

They talked about, because it’s a publicly traded company it has to be approved by the Board. What does that mean? If you’re in the financial space, you can talk about that. From a PR perspective, what does Is that mean for Elon Musk?
Is this good? Is this bad? What does Tesla and technology and all the things that he does in that realm have to do with Twitter? And I know he’s talking a lot about sharing algorithms and things like that, but there are so many stories that we can come off of this and it is leading every news story right now. I think the story is going to be around for a little while, especially because is the sale going to be approved.

What is he going to do? It’s again numbers out of most people’s range so that makes it, exciting and newsworthy when you’re talking about $44 billion dollars. So take a look at the whole structure of the deal and think about those fringe stories that you could pitch around that.

So, that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday, PR Tip. If you like this, if you’d like to start doing more of this, we have so much fun working with our clients, just elevating their mission and their brand. Feel free to set up a call with me at let’s chat… I’m sorry at or if you want to check out our amazing program that has a live event component to it that we just love getting stuff done while we’re there. Having you pitch the media. Having you just, like I said, elevate your brand Check out, and I hope to see you in the media soon.