Publicity Plan

“Be newsworthy.”How can you promote yourself as a media expert in your industry during this pandemic?

Christina Daves (00:26-00:27)

How can you use newsjacking as part of your marketing? How can you promote yourself as a media expert in your industry during this pandemic?

In this week’s episode, you will learn about: What’s the strategic publicity plan that works for 2020?

Part One of ‘Publicity Plan’

If you’ve seen my marketing materials, you’ll know that I have a proprietary system that I call the “Get PR Famous Formula.” I understand not everyone wants to be “famous” but you have to be famous and known in your industry or people will work with the people who are. There are three parts to the Formula:

  • You want to be newsworthy.

  • You want to create great hooks.

  • You want to find the right journalist.

“Create great hooks.” – Christina Daves (00:28)

Let’s say you have a terrific newsworthy story. You know how to write a great hook, which is your subject line. But you’re sending your business story to the food editor. Guess what? They won’t forward it.

Let’s say you have a great story and you have a business story and you know who the business editor is, but you don’t know how to hook them in, they probably won’t read your email.

Some of these journalists get five hundred to one thousand emails a day. You’ve got to be able to get through all that noise. And that’s where that subject line comes in.

And then, let’s say that you’ve got a great subject line/hook. You know who the journalist is, but you don’t send them a good story. Well, guess what? They’re likely going to be frustrated with you. They’re probably going to delete your email, and they might never open an email from you again. Not worth the risk sending a story idea that isn’t good.

You must have all three in place.

Part Two of ‘Publicity Plan’

You can also take advantage of newsjacking. That’s where you take something that’s trending, something that’s going on in the world and share your expertise about that. Especially if it’s breaking news, that’s what they cover right away.

Then, you also have the aftermath of breaking news. You have the hours, days, weeks, and maybe even months where that story stays in the media. They’re looking for all kinds of different angles and avenues.

“Find the right journalist.” – Christina Daves (00:29-00:30)

One of the best ways to find hooks is on magazine covers. These people get paid to get you to buy an impulse purchase at the grocery store line. Magazine copywriters are paid very well to “hook” you in from the magazine cover. Google is a great resource to find magazine covers. You should know your customer demographic. Find magazines that fit into that and see what kinds of hooks they use on the cover.

Remember, Google is a question search engine. Ask Google a question and you will likely get great answers. Using all 3 steps of the Get PR Famous Formula will put you light years ahead of your competitors. It’s time to get yourself in the media and get massive visibility for your business. Start today!

How to Get Involved

In only 10 days of following the simple steps of this challenge, you will gain MASSIVE visibility for your business.

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