What the Media is Looking for During This Pandemic

Here’s an interesting question for you. What is the media looking for during this pandemic? We usually think that they’re only after those people who are working in the health care industry. But that’s not the case because there’s so much more that we can do during this pandemic.

Part One of ‘What the Media is Looking for During This Pandemic’

Everything is being impacted right now. Every aspect of the supply chain, service-based industries, restaurants, insurance, real estate, work from home policies, and many more.

I had a conversation with someone recently who has a law firm. They couldn’t buy laptops to send people home or to work from home because there weren’t any available. This is a supply chain issue. All of these changes occurred in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s come together as a nation to help each other.” – Christina Daves (02:47-02:51)

About ninety percent of the news is about COVID-19. We can only hope this whole thing goes away, but right now, it’s all about how you can educate people with whatever it is that you’re an expert at. I have been pitching some things with my local media about working from home, since I’ve been doing it for ten years.

Part Two of ‘What the Media is Looking for During This Pandemic’

We can all offer something valuable, and that’s the kind of stuff the media wants to hear right now. If it’s a business-based media outlet, give them business advice. If it’s a lifestyle outlet and your business is related to lifestyle type segments, provide them with that expertise.

“Whoever you’re pitching, make sure you know who that audience is.” – Christina Daves (03:03-03:06)

This is a perfect time to come together as a nation to help one another. Use your expertise and share it with the media in ways that you could help their audience. Do your homework. Whoever you’re pitching, make sure that you’re providing good value to those who are watching.

Package all your expertise together and determine how you can help people who are suffering from this pandemic. What can you provide them? Go and pitch that to the media.

How to Get Involved

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