PR Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Use NOW

In this video I share five strategies for Real Estate Agents to be using right now, in the age of Coronavirus, to gain exposure, stay in front of potential buyers and sellers and pitch stories the media will love. Now is the time to gain visibility, stay in front of your network, and grow your business.

Are you pivoting to the new climate? Have you gone virtual? What are you doing to stay current? Most importantly, what’s next? Are you on the pulse of the industry? Be the go-to real estate expert that people want to follow and journalists want to quote. Which real estate agent are people going to remember when this ends? Be the agent that comes out on top because you’ve been visible and valuable through during this uncertain time.



Hey there! Today I want to share with you five things that real estate agents need to be doing right now while we’re in social distancing to keep growing their business. My name is Christina Daves and I am a do-it-yourself publicity strategist. This is what I do every day with the people that I work with. We’ve had to pivot. These are some really interesting times that we’re in and for the agents that pivoted and jumped in, they are ending up lightyears ahead of everybody else.

So the things that are really really really important to do right now – obviously, you’ve got to go virtual. Absolutely 100% – virtual listings, virtual showings, getting really good at using your camera. That’s really it. How do you feature things in the homes that you can do that? I’ve heard of virtual walkthroughs. Nobody’s comfortable with people in their home. But you can really get good at virtual. And where I am, I’m hearing that the real estate market is doing really, really well. The other part of virtual is this – are you putting out content? And that’s number two. But, are you putting out video content? Are you connecting with your people like this looking at them eye to eye talking to them about the market, talking about the changes and it’s literally changing every single day.

So there’s opportunity for you every single day. You know when the Fed dropped the rates. When we started social distancing. When we started the lockdowns. Now, they’re talking about starting to ease up on that. You know every day there’s something new that you can be sharing with your community. Along with content is engaging with people. This is journalists. This is potential sellers and buyers. Are you on social media? Are you seeing what they’re talking about? You know much of your business is referral based business.

Spend this time, I heard that now that we’re on lockdown and we’re all in our homes, we literally have what’s considered like an eighth day. All the hours we’re not commuting and traveling and not doing things water-cooler talk things like that in the office. We should be doing something productive. So this is a great time for you to engage with your friends, your family, your referrals. Let them remember that you are a real estate agent.

And, I want you to connect with journalists online. You know, find them, connect with them, engage with them, see what kind of stories they’re covering and when you find the really good ones who are covering real estate stories in your community, in your area even nationally, if you’ve got something to say pitch the media. They are looking for stories. They are desperate. It’s right now 24/7. I mean not right now. It’s always 24/7/365 but right now everything is all around Covid-19. Every industry is being impacted.

So if you can provide value to a journalist, through a story idea, a segment idea, maybe you’ve got an inside scoop on something, maybe something happens and that’s your expertise and you know instantly how to do that. Again, when everything went virtual the agents that jumped on that who could do tutorials and pitch the press about “Hey, this is how this is going to work.” I work with a lot of home stagers, same thing, virtual staging. You know, how do you get on with clients and tell them how to stage their home, while you’re in your own home.

So I just want you all to jump on this stuff. I want you to act. This will end and we will go back to business. But the people who are taking advantage of this time and what’s going on and providing value, value value value, content, what can people learn from you? You know, maybe they’re thinking of selling in six months. Should they wait? What’s the market going to be like? Anything you can talk about that’s valuable would be really, really great. So agents, I want you to step up and get out there. And you will come out of this ahead when we all come out of this at the end.

Take care.