Effective PR and Marketing When Working from Home

“I’m an expert when it comes to creating stories and getting a message out there.”

Christina Daves (01:47- 01:52)

How are you taking advantage of video and marketing that can serve as the voice of your brand? In this week’s episode, I talk about effective public relations and marketing while working from home.

Part One of ‘Effective PR & Marketing’

It’s extremely shocking how the whole world changed in days ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Many businesses all over the world had no choice but to shut down and let their employees go. Despite the social distance, we can remain connected through the use of technology. Many corporations had to switch to virtual training and communications.

“Be a leader in your industry.” – Christina Daves (02:22-02:24)

As an entrepreneur, think about your business model and how to adjust to recent changes. This is the opportunity to use technology as an effective platform for video and marketing.

You are an expert at something. You have a message to share with your followers and clients about what you do. There’s a reason they hired you initially, and now it’s up to you to provide information about how your business or their business is going to be impacted by this Coronavirus.

Part Two of ‘Effective PR & Marketing’

Be a beacon of light. Be a leader in your industry. Be that person that’s always pushing out a valuable message to help people. That’s what I want you to think about.

“Use your expertise. Use everything you know and share it with the world.” – Christina Daves (04:10-04:15)

For example, if you’re in the sales industry, in times like this, when salespeople are unable to knock on doors, share some techniques that can help them stay in business, still sell their products, and share that message with the world. This will go away, and our businesses will thrive. The people who get through this will be the ones who benefit at the end.

How to Get Involved

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