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In today’s day and age of the internet and access to just about anyone, it’s easy to develop public relations skills and become your own publicist (or have someone on your team do it). You don’t need to hire a big fancy PR firm. Develop the skills and do it yourself.

As a real estate agent, it’s important to be the “famous” agent in your community. The media is going to use someone as their real estate expert, so let it be you. This allows you to always be the agent who is front of mind when someone is thinking of selling or buying a house. People love the “famous” Realtor. By incorporating this type of visibility into your day-to-day plan, it will help you grow your real estate business.

To get famous, you want to use my proven strategy I call the Get Famous Formula. This is what you use to attract and pitch the media. Getting local media coverage makes you a star in your community. Getting national media coverage gives you tremendous credibility with potential clients and customers.

Here’s a video I did specifically on this topic


Step 1 – Be Newsworthy

Being newsworthy is as simple as outside of the box thinking. Here are some tips to create newsworthy story ideas:

1) Take a national trend or study and show how it relates to the local market (Trulia, Inman, and other regularly do studies and research)

2) Niche what you do and pitch around that. Do you work with Baby Boomers? Do you work with First Time Homebuyers? Divorcees? People upsizing? People downsizing? How can you niche your real estate business and create a newsworthy story idea around what’s trending in your niche?

Watch this to learn more:

3) Sign up for Help a Reporter Out/HARO, This is a free media query service where media outlets are looking for sources and quotes for national magazine articles, television shows, newspapers, and blogs. I recently worked with a local agent who appeared in Realtor based publications 30 times in 3 months and was also a source for a real estate related article in Women’s Health Magazine through this service. 

*I’ve appeared in over 1000 media outlets, many from HARO. Get my free guide for successfully responding to HARO at,


Step 2 – Create Great Hooks

The hook is your subject line. It’s how you get the journalist to read your email pitch. A hook is as simple as what you see on a magazine cover. People are paid a lot of money to get you to make a $5.00 impulse purchase in the grocery store check-out line based on the “hooks” you see on the magazine cover. My favorite is AARP Magazine. Just Google, “AARP magazine covers” and see what’s there. Do the same for Realtor Magazine or any other real estate publications and see what they are using for hooks. Then, just plug and play your newsworthy story idea into an existing hook and you’re one step closer to success!


Step 3 – Find the Right Journalist

This step is vital because you don’t want to send your real estate related story to the book editor (unless you’ve written a real estate book). People are always amazed at how frequently I get on television and in magazines and newspapers. It’s all about finding the right person to pitch. I’m always asked how I do it. Here is my top-secret resource for finding journalists…. It’s Google. Google is a question search engine, “Who writes about real estate for [name of publication].” Locally, you’ll usually get their name, email, and phone number all in one search. Nationally can sometimes take a page or two of digging but they will be there. A favorite resource I discovered to find email addresses is, Give Hunter a try if you can’t find them on Google.

By putting these three steps in place when pitching the media, you will be light years ahead of your competition and you will stand out to journalists. The more you pitch, the more you are seen as a valuable resource and it won’t be long before the media is reaching out to you for quotes about the real estate market. Building these public relations skills will help you stand out as a real estate agent in your community.


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