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When pitching the media, or even sitting in a listing appointment, what makes you stand out? What makes you the peanut butter fudge mocha flavor of ice cream versus the usual, average vanilla? Most people like vanilla. Vanilla is easy. It’s comfortable. Not everyone likes a more exotic ice cream flavor, but that’s the one that stands out. That’s the one people remember. Don’t be the average agent like every other agent, be the WOW agent who gets the listing.


According to HomeLight, there are over two million real estate agents in the United States. That is a lot of competition for listings, buyers, and media. How can you not be the vanilla agent and stand out?

Below are some things you can do to position yourself as the expert in real estate:

  1. Establish a great brand.
  2. Have a great website and social media headers.
  3. Write a LinkedIn profile that highlights what you do for your clients.
  4. Engage with your audience.
  5. Create great content about the local market.
  6. Focus on a niche. What do you do differently than all other agents?
  7. Land media exposure you can share with your potential sellers and buyers


Be the peanut butter fudge mocha of real estate. Don’t settle for the vanilla that’s just “fine and average” Be outstanding! Use your uniqueness to your advantage to help you stand out among the rest of the 1.999 million agents in the United States.


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