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Whether you are an active user or not on LinkedIn, you want to make a great LinkedIn profile and optimize it so it works for you. The reason is because LinkedIn has such powerful “Google Juice” that when someone puts your name into Google, it’s very likely that your LinkedIn profile will come up as one of the first search results. That might be your only opportunity to make an impression on a potential buyer or seller.

That being said, let’s get your profile looking great!

  1. Put in a header photo that is aligned with your brand. If you sell luxury homes, put that type of image. If you sell condos, don’t show a luxury home kitchen. It’s off-brand and you will confuse people.
  2. Make sure your headshot is professional. Remember, this isn’t Facebook. Don’t use a picture with your kids (unless your branding is “The Family Realtor”). And don’t use a happy hour shot. LinkedIn is a professional business platform. Speak its language. 
  3. Don’t list your title as, for example, “Top Producing Realtor.” Think in terms of “what’s in it for me.” Tell people what you do for them. “I help new home buyers find their dream home while keeping cash in the bank.”
  4. Make sure your “About” section is in the first person and address, “What’s in it for me?” What do you do for the people you work with? What is your secret sauce? Make sure you include relevant keywords here. Use emojis to make things pop. Always include your cell phone number. 
  5. The “Featured” section is a great place to put videos, pdfs, or eBooks about what you do. This is prime real estate on LinkedIn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
  6. Ask for recommendations. Every time you work with a lender, title company, buyer or seller, if you are connected on LinkedIn, ask them for a recommendation.
  7. Fill out the rest of your profile as completely as possible. Remember, real estate is a referral business. You might connect with someone from high school, college, a former company you worked for. These are all things that will help you relate with and connect with potential clients.

Spend a little time as the year is coming to a close to get your LinkedIn profile geared up and ready to go!


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