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How to Create Content Fast? Set up a plan so you can create one month of content in a day.

The one thing I hear quite often from my clients is that it’s so difficult to come up with ideas for content. It’s imperative in today’s online culture that we have content. People will check you out before they work with you and they need to see that you are really a real estate expert. But coming up with the content can be grueling and actually quite stressful.

I want to make it easy for you. Here is a month’s worth of content ideas that you can use every single month to create social media posts and/or blogs for an entire month in one day. Go to and create great free images (already pre-sized for you) or record videos to go with these topics.

Make a plan and it will become super easy to do!

  1. Share an inspirational quote
  2. Answer a frequently asked question
  3. Post something seasonal
  4. Share an image
  5. Repost something that went well last year
  6. Post an infographic (check out to have on easily made)
  7. Ask your audience a multiple-choice question
  8. Highlight a customer of the month
  9. Create and post a video
  10. Take a picture of your workspace, office, or co-workers
  11. Introduce your newest employee
  12. Interview a customer
  13. Post a #TBT
  14. Post a fill-in-the-blank question
  15. Share your favorite place in the community
  16. Welcome a new business in the community
  17. Share someone else’s content
  18. Post something seasonal
  19. Do a Facebook Live
  20. Share a statistic about your industry
  21. Do a “how-to”
  22. Share your favorite business book
  23. Talk about your favorite charity
  24. Provide a tip
  25. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, milestone
  26. Offer a “freebie” so people join your email list
  27. Offer a discount or coupon
  28. Thank your customers
  29. Correct a common misconception about your business
  30. Share your newsletter


Use this list every month to create great content. Put this list in a Google Doc and start brainstorming ideas next to it so you’re ready to post every day. Content is king and you definitely want to stand out as the real estate expert to potential buyers and sellers.

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