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If you want to get free publicity right now, you want to be newsjacking. 

This tactic is one of the easiest ways to get media exposure for your business by taking what is already in the news and bringing it home (to your local market) and/or establishing yourself as the expert on that topic. 

A media cycle starts with a breaking news story. After that, the media is looking to add to the narrative with peripheral stories related to the breaking news story. Think about what your expertise is on the matter? What is your “spin”? What information can you provide to keep the story going and position you as the real estate expert on the topic?

There are many sources providing studies, statistics, and information on the real estate market. Groups like Inman, Trulia,, and the National Association of Realtors consistently provide good data that you as a real estate agent can use to create a news story. If it’s a national study, use that and bring it home as to what it means for your local real estate market? For example, where I am in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, we are often an anomaly because of the military and government that creates a very transient marketplace. This allows you to put a different perspective on the study.

Another thing to look at is what is happening in the news that is trending. Look at and Twitter trends to see what people are talking about related to real estate. It doesn’t matter if it’s not happening right where you are. Talk about what it would mean if it was happening in your area? Weather events are a perfect example. If there is a wildfire, tornado or hurricane somewhere else in the United States, what would the ramifications be if it happened in your backyard? Can residents, for example, get the necessary insurance in this area to cover this type of event? Think outside of the box to bring a national story home.

What can you “newsjack” to establish yourself as a real estate expert and provide expert information to the media on a trending news story?

Newsjacking with David Meerman Scott?

Here’s a great interview I did with David Meerman Scott who coined the term newsjacking where we do a deep dive into using newsjacking to land in the media.


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