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Telling A Good Story

In business today it’s vital that you share your story. Telling a good story is important both for connecting with sellers and buyers and also for landing in the media. People want to know who they are working with. They want to understand who that person is and why the person does what they do. They are looking for things they have in common with you. Sharing your story allows potential clients and customers to relate with you. 

It’s also something the media can use in their story, it’s your story. It gives them more background and makes their segment, interview, or story have a deeper meaning and connection with their audience. Everyone is looking to connect with people so share your story.

Why did you start in real estate? What is it that gets you up every morning to work with clients to sell their existing home or find their dream home? What do you do differently that makes you special? And don’t forget to share your personal passion(s) of what you love and what matters to you. This allows you to connect more personally with people. What are your hobbies? Do you run marathons, paint, hike, bike? What are you passionate about? Share that with your audience. Like minded people like to connect and work together.

Additionally, many of your properties have stories and could land you in the media. Don’t just share that the house has a great kitchen, tell us something about the building, the land, or the history of the property. Is there something unique architecturally that isn’t done anymore? Does the home have history from the past? Did someone famous ever live there? These make great stories that the media will be interested in covering because it is appealing to their audience.

This is one of my favorites. My client had a listing of a property that was once the first hotel outside of Washington, D.C. It was where the politicians would go to get out of the city. It had so much history even though it had been renovated over the years. It has a great story and that is what appealed to the Washington Post to publish the story. Click the image to see the story.

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