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I’m sure you’ve heard this 1000 times, “The money is in the list.” Mark Zuckerberg could shut down Facebook tomorrow and you would lose all of your followers, but if they are also on your email list, it wouldn’t really matter. Your list is yours and those people are all warm leads. That is why you want to grow your email list.

I’ve worked with thousands of real estate agents and I still see on most websites a box that says “Sign up for my newsletter” or “Join my list” or “Subscribe.” The days of people randomly giving away their email address are gone. People don’t sign up for newsletters anymore unless it’s something they are really interested in – fitness, cooking, gardening, etc. Not many people want a newsletter about a real estate agent. These are the cold, hard facts but… the good news is, if you provide something of value in exchange for that email address, people are more likely to give it to you.

Creating an Opt-in/”Freebie”

This is something of value that you are giving away to collect someone’s name and email address.

Step 1 – What’s your offer? Right now, people aren’t opting in much for eBooks but they love checklists and guides. Examples could be a guide for first time home buyers, a checklist on how to stage a home before selling, a downsizing guide, or an estate sale checklist. 

Step 2 – Create your offer. If you aren’t good with graphics, check out and find someone who can design it for you. I also love using  

Step 3 – Get a custom domain. Make it easy for people you meet to get your free offer. Find a custom domain –,, You see how easy these are to remember so when you are speaking with someone, on a podcast, on television, or quoted in an article, you can easily say this custom domain and people will remember the name.

Step 4 – Create a custom landing page on your website that has just this offer. This is not on the homepage of your website. This is a separate page that has nothing but the invitation to receive your checklist.  If you aren’t technical, this is a common and inexpensive request for an I.T. person. Forward that custom domain to this landing page site.

Check out my real estate offer to use as an example and feel free to download the guide – You’ll see I used video on my landing page which is very important now. If you read my earlier post on video, you’ll remember the figures of video consumption. People want to be comfortable with you and want reassurance that you aren’t going to spam them but just give them good information. A video allows them to see and get to know who they might be working with.

Step 5 – Create an email funnel that gives them the document in email #1 and continues to warm them up and leads them to a call with you and/or keeps you front of mind with them when it comes to real estate.

Here’s a short PR Tip I did on the topic:

That’s it. It’s really that simple to start growing your email list. Then, you put this out on social media and make sure it’s on everything you have: your website, your social media headers, pinned posts, etc. Grow your list by offering something of value in exchange for someone’s email address.

*Please look into the GDPR requirements and make sure that you have a privacy policy link on any opt-in page addressing cookies and what your website does with them. A Google search and/or conversation with your attorney will help you with this.

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