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Here is a great way to create great content fast:

Most Realtors struggle with what content to post on social media and in blogs. It’s usually throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something sticks versus posting with a strategy in mind. 

Use the traditional and non-traditional calendars. Look at holidays and what you can relate your real estate business to and then post things about that. Below are a few ideas to get you started. I recommend sitting down and spending a few hours on this and just get it done. Then, all you have to do is schedule your posts.

Remember that all of this content can be tweaked to create media pitches as well.

January – National Organization Month – Content in January can be tips for organizing a home before selling and organizing finances before selling. You can do a tip a day or a tip a week.

March – National Credit Education Month – This is a great opportunity to talk about the importance of good credit for loan rates. Interview your favorite loan officer about various credit topics – What does good credit mean for a loan? Bad credit? How can you fix your credit quickly?

April – 15th Tax Day – April is a great month to talk about the tax benefits of owning a home. You can also share content about owning a second home and what does that mean for someone’s taxes. Team up with your accountant and interview them about these topics and then share the videos throughout the month.

April is also Lawn and Garden Month – Provide tips all month about best upgrades for your yard before selling. You can also talk about outdoor kitchen areas and pools. Are they a benefit or a deterrence when selling? Everything changed after COVID – talk about before and after.

August – 21st Senior Citizens Day – What are the trends of Senior Citizens and real estate? Are they downsizing? Upsizing to make room for grandchildren? Purchasing vacation homes? This is a great way to highlight your expertise in the real estate market with this demographic.

September – 28th – National Good Neighbor Day – This holiday epitomizes real estate agents. Content can be all about neighborhoods you specialize in and the local community. Share positive stories about what it means to be a good neighbor? Hold a contest in an area you specialize in and award a Good Neighbor Award and give the award on the 28th. Don’t forget to invite the local media!

December – 3rd Roof Over Your Head Day – This is one of my favorites because I have a college grad and one about to graduate. What are the statistics of college graduates getting their own roof over their head? Are they coming home to their parents? Renting? Buying? What is the average age for first time homebuyers?

This should give you some great ideas to get started. I strongly recommend doing as much of this as you can in one sitting. Do it yourself or pull your team together, whatever your resources are, just do it! Once it’s done, you have a roadmap and it’s a plan you can use next year too. You’ll just want to update your content a bit.

Having your content laid out for a year in advance is an invaluable marketing tool and frees you up to do what you do best, real estate.

Here’s a short video I did about how to set up an annual pitching calendar:


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