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The easiest way to pitch the media is with a plan in place. Planning ahead with themes and then specific topics will make it so much easier to just get that pitch out. Think both seasonality and also fun, non-traditional holidays. Giving the media outside of the box ideas like this versus just pitching “inventory is up, inventory is down, interest rates are up, or interest rates are down” will help you stand out. 

One important thing to note is the media calendar. If you are pitching national publications, you have to submit 4 months in advance, regional is 2 months, and local newspapers and television are two weeks unless it’s breaking news.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. A simple Google search can help you find more. Remember to think of what matters in real estate during the general season and then be more specific month-to-month.

Here are some pitching ideas:



GENERAL – Should you sell in winter? Protecting roofs and decks in a big snow. How best to treat your driveway for ice. What plants will survive during the winter.

January – Organization, Goals, Home Office Safety & Security Week 

February – National Green Week, Valentine’s Day/Love 

March – National Neighbor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Market 


GENERAL – Prepping a house to list for sale– do’s and don’ts.

April – National Window Safety Week, Lawn & Garden Month, Fair Housing Month 

May – New Homeowner’s Day, Bang for Your Buck Upgrades Before Selling 

June – Pet Appreciation Week, Can Graduates Buy Homes


GENERAL – Is a Summer market weak or strong?  Is a pool a good idea? Keeping your yard looking green during the hot months.

July – Get to Know Your Customers Day, Vacation Rental Month 

August – National Safe at Home Week, Senior Citizen day 

September – Indoor Plant Week, Getting House Ready for Fall 


GENERAL – Prepping your house for fall/winter – leaves in gutter, lawn, flowers

October – Fire Prevention Week, Financial Planning Month 

November – National Gratitude Month, Veteran’s Day 

December – Roof Over Your Head Day, Listings over Holidays

This should spark some pitching ideas. Remember that pitching consistency is the key for success. Regularly sending in great story ideas will allow you to stand out and get media coverage exposing you to hundreds of thousands, even millions of new customers.

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