Colleen Biggs is a business strategist, leadership coach, author, and public speaker. She has been widely recognized as a business leader helping women move from surviving to thriving in the workplace. She is also the Founder/CEO of the Leap Community where she aims to provide more opportunities for women entrepreneurs to obtain better visibility and grow their brands.

In this conversation, Colleen shares her incredible journey of leaving home at the young age of 17 to ultimately become a successful business owner. Her survival instincts and continuous self-improvement have led to incredible professional and personal wins. 

Colleen also discusses the value of developing genuine business connections, the need to reinvent yourself as you progress through various stages of life, and taking control of your future to better align your career with personal desires.

This episode highlights several critical pieces of advice that will benefit aspiring self-starters as well as seasoned business veterans looking for ways to take their professional lives to the next level.

Colleen Biggs: Activator and Implementer 

Colleen Biggs’s impressive list of accomplishments is truly inspiring. With over 22 years of experience as a Business Strategist & Coach, Colleen has launched an astounding 340 businesses and earned recognition as a sought-after Keynote Speaker. She’s also the author of five #1 International Best-Selling books, including the latest “Step Into the Spotlight to Expand your Influence.” Colleen’s accolades include being named the 2020 Local Business Person of the Year, a 2021 Top 10 Women Business Leader, and recognized as one of the 2023 Most Inspirational Leaders in Business to watch out for. As the Founder & CEO of The Leap Community and the Infinite Impact Mastermind, Colleen is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders. Additionally, her podcast “Take The Leap” is ranked in the top 3% of global podcasts, solidifying her impact on a global scale.

If you’re trying to do the math, you may be wondering how Colleen managed to launch so many businesses over the course of her career. Colleen explains that, on average, she’s been involved in launching about 15 businesses per year. However, she clarifies that her role has evolved over time. Now, she focuses more on working with CEOs and founders to launch and build their businesses rather than solely launching and selling them herself.

Colleen describes herself as an activator and implementer. She is someone who thrives on turning ideas into reality rather than just brainstorming, and her track record of helping hundreds of women successfully launch their dreams is a testament to her talent and drive.

Action Over Perfection

If you’re tuning into this podcast, but you’re not yet over 50, you are in good company. Christina shares there is a diverse demographic of their listeners. From women over 50 to younger generations, women of all ages find inspiration in stories of reinvention and success.

In her decades of successful business coaching, Colleen has also experienced a wide range of ages attending her retreats—age is truly no barrier to pursuing dreams and independence. 

Colleen offers practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, no matter their age. One such piece of advice is to understand the importance of clarity. When starting a business, take time to clearly identify the problems you’re solving and fully understand your target audiences. Christina adds her own insight, highlighting the value of purpose and passion in business endeavors. 

As you’re establishing your business, Colleen encourages action over perfection, stressing that even imperfect steps forward can lead to success. 

The Leap Community

Creating emotional connections in business and fostering a supportive community within your industry is crucial for success. Colleen understands the power of evoking feelings and emotions, whether through profound “aha” moments or genuine connections with others. 

At the heart of her mission lies The Leap Community, a space tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs seeking to embrace their true selves and ambitions. Unlike traditional networking platforms, The Leap Community focuses on building social capital through authentic relationships, opening doors to new opportunities without the pressure of competition. 

Colleen’s dedication to empowering women is evident as she encourages vulnerability and transparency, recognizing that genuine connections are key to attracting clients who resonate with one’s message. Through shared stories and unwavering support, members of The Leap Community cultivate an environment of collaboration and growth, offering a safety net during times of failure and uncertainty. 

Colleen’s message underscores the importance of leading with the heart and forging authentic connections, highlighting that success in business goes hand in hand with meaningful relationships that enrich both personal and professional lives.

From Surviving to Thriving

Evolving from a state of mere survival to one of thriving resilience, Colleen’s journey reflects the strength forged through life’s trials. Departing home at a tender age of 17, Colleen encountered formidable challenges, including periods of homelessness and the responsibilities of single motherhood. Yet, buoyed by a strong spirit and clear ambition, Colleen pressed on. At the age of 36, she embraced the healing power of self-exploration, utilizing therapies, martial arts, and introspection to shed the burdens of her past and embrace her authentic self.

Colleen emphasizes the significance of surrounding oneself with supportive and loving individuals who accept you for who you are. Finding such unconditional love from her husband played a special role in her personal and entrepreneurial growth.

With her newfound confidence and support, Colleen took the leap into entrepreneurship, understanding that failures are stepping stones to success. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, self-discovery, and the importance of having a supportive community to fuel personal and professional growth.

Find Your People

Navigating life and entrepreneurship is a challenging balance, especially for women as they enter the second half of their lives. Christina reflects on her journey as an entrepreneur and the evolving nature of her career choices. Continuous reinvention helps keep your ideas fresh and your passion ignited. 

Both Christina and Colleen stress the significance of surrounding oneself with supportive and uplifting individuals who celebrate your successes and provide encouragement. They encourage breaking away from toxic environments and fostering relationships with people who genuinely lift you up.

As women transition into the empty nest phase of their lives, it becomes crucial to reassess priorities and engage in activities that contribute to building a meaningful legacy. Prioritizing wellness takes center stage during this period, as investing in one’s health paves the way for a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle in the years ahead. Maintaining a positive outlook on the future, Christina and Colleen advocate for a mindset of continuous growth and exploration, firmly believing that life offers boundless opportunities for renewal and reinvention beyond the age of 50.

Embracing Happiness and Joy

After a full life of ups and downs, Colleen shares how she has embraced happiness and joy. She has allowed herself to make decisions that align with her desires and bring ease to her life.

Looking ahead, Colleen envisions the next 10 years filled with freedom and choice, as she and her husband work towards creating passive income streams that will afford them the opportunity to focus on creating cherished memories, building their legacy, and serving others.

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