As we enter the prime years of our life, we want to look our best. Who better to listen to than celebrity make-up artist Tracey Garcia? From A-listers, to Presidents and First Ladies, to television anchors, to brides, she certainly knows how to bring out a person’s best features. 

In this episode, we talk about all things skin, hair, and makeup to enhance mature beauty. We also discuss the importance of skincare to “hide” fine wrinkles and get that radiant glow. Botox yay or nay? We have some fun with this episode!

Tune in to discover how to look and feel great and age gracefully with confidence!

Self-Taught and Fabulous

Before Tracey Garcia was a successful celebrity makeup artist and hairstyling sensation, she was a friend and schoolmate of Christina Daves. They go way back to their junior high days. Christina paints this vivid picture of herself back then with the bad perm, braces, and acne. Meanwhile, Tracey was the ‘cutest’ girl in school and was always kind. Fast forward to today, and Tracey’s still the amazing, sweet person she was back then.

Christina can’t help but gush about Tracey’s journey from those school days to now. Tracey shares that she is completely self-taught as a makeup artist. She practiced by doing everyone’s makeup—from family to friends. 

Tracey’s path led her to the Fashion Institute, earning a degree in merchandise marketing. After graduation, she dove back into hair, makeup, and styling. She worked with M·A·C Cosmetics all over the East Coast before eventually spending 14 years at Fox News.

From a self-taught makeup artist to a major player in the industry, Tracey’s story is incredible. It’s a testament to following your passion and making things happen against all odds. 

Fox News and Celebrity Clients

At Fox News, Tracey was assigned to Greta Van Susteren. Tracey had a unique schedule that was perfect for her—she spent days with her daughter and evenings working with Greta. 

Tracey reminisces about hectic times, when she hopped on private planes with high-profile attorneys and experienced moments that kept her on edge. But that’s the life of someone like Greta Van Susteren, now a dear friend who’s been a solid support through Tracey’s professional journey.

Being a personal stylist to Greta allowed Tracey to build a strong relationship with the celebrity. People often ask about all the celebrities she’s worked with, but Tracey emphasizes that they’re all just regular people who happen to have a job in the public eye. That perspective helped her to keep a cool head in high-stakes situations and develop strong bonds with her clients.

Tracey has many great stories about her clients. From her work with Ozzy and Sharon Osbournes to a funny story about Dave Navarro, she shares several entertaining anecdotes and memories in this episode. 

Mature Makeup Advice

Tracey is known as the go-to for flawless hair and makeup. Her skill is top-notch—she’s done makeup for an array of celebrities and high-profile individuals. 

With all her experience, Tracey has acquired many helpful tips for makeup and skincare for those over 55. Tracey’s mantra is “less is best.” She advises against caking on makeup or using excessive powder, especially around the eyes, as it can accentuate fine lines. Instead, she prefers mixing foundation with a bit of moisturizer or oil to combat darkness around the eyes.

A secret for combating wrinkles while sleeping is to use silicone chest pads and similar clear silicone pads for other areas like the forehead and eyes. She emphasizes the effectiveness of these pads and recommends them for reducing wrinkles.

Additionally, Tracey suggests using vitamin E oil as a more affordable alternative to high-end products. She mixes it with her foundation for a natural glow or applies it with moisturizer around the face and even on cuticles for added hydration.

When it comes to lips, Tracey advises against super dark lipstick on older women, citing concerns about how it accentuates fine lines and can bleed if not applied carefully. She suggests using softer lip colors and shares her approach, occasionally using foundation or lip liner to achieve a softer lip look.

While Tracey emphasizes her preference for softer lips, she encourages diversity in makeup choices, acknowledging that it’s a matter of personal taste and individual style. Overall, women over 55 can’t go wrong if they focus on simplicity and minimalism in makeup application and use of natural oils for a radiant, hydrated complexion. 

Skincare Tips

Speaking of complexion, Christina and Tracey discuss the changes that come with aging. Sharing a fantastic skincare trick, Tracey mentions a gentle exfoliation method using only a washcloth and tepid water. She highlights how this simple technique leaves her skin looking smooth and glowing.

Drawing parallels between skincare habits of men and women, Tracey notes how men’s frequent shaving acts as a natural exfoliant, keeping their skin looking fresh. She encourages women not to feel stigmatized by age and to embrace simple, cost-effective skincare routines.

Christina agrees, remarking on the unnecessary expenses women often incur for facials and other treatments when simpler, more affordable tricks like these exist. The value of these budget-friendly skincare hacks and makeup tips helps make good skincare routines accessible to all and highlights that age doesn’t define beauty—embracing one’s prime years can be empowering!

Lashes and Brows

Something that happens as we age is that our eyelashes and eyebrows can thin. Christina shares her experience using false lashes, which Tracey taught her how to use. She asks about over-the-counter products to restore lashes to their former thickness. Tracey suggests using mascara with clusters or individuals occasionally to build lashes, expressing a preference for these over salon or permanent extensions. She notes that the latter can look good initially but might result in gaps or issues with maintenance as they grow out. Tracey recommends affordable options available on Amazon, similar to the clusters Christina uses for filling gaps in her lashes.

In the 90s, we over-tweezed our eyebrows. Tracey advises against excessive plucking and emphasizes the importance of leaving eyebrows intact as one ages. Christina shares her use of brow gel to add color to her eyebrows and notes that while she hasn’t faced eyebrow thinning yet, she’s noticed slight changes and believes these changes are inevitable parts of aging. Tracey shares practical approaches to address changes in lashes and brows as one gets older, focusing on less expensive, over-the-counter options that are more easily accessible.

Cosmetic Procedures

Societal pressures related to aging are felt by many women as they transition through adulthood. Many have strong opinions on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. Tracey shares her thoughts on the subject, starting with facials. She advocates for their benefits if affordable but also highlights the simplicity of doing facials at home. Shifting the conversation to Botox, Tracey admits being a fan and reviews its role in preventative care and maintaining youthful skin. 

Both Christina and Tracey agree that personal choices regarding cosmetic procedures should be judgment-free. They reference Justine Bateman’s book “Face” and her candid discussion about cosmetic treatments, appreciating her raw honesty about the subject.

More important than societal perceptions of aging and beauty standards is the importance of feeling comfortable in one’s skin. Tracey and Christina praise celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker who celebrate their confidence and embrace natural aspects of aging. However, dismissing societal norms that dictate aging standards and embracing self-acceptance is critical. True beauty lies in self-confidence and authenticity, so embrace your own journey. 

Hair Tips

Reflecting on their own hair journeys, Christina ponders the question of what’s considered appropriate or stylish for women in their prime regarding hairstyles—bangs or no bangs, short or long hair, color-treated or natural. Tracey dismisses the idea of strict rules, emphasizing that women should go with what makes them feel good. They share examples of celebrities that rock their personal look—and it’s different for everyone. 

In addition to deciding on style, many women are looking for solutions to hair issues like thinning hair. There are various methods to address this issue. To start, Tracey advises against using a flat iron on thin hair as it can exacerbate the appearance of thinness. In addition, she mentions the “halo” extension, a product that wraps around the head, giving volume without clips. Tracey emphasizes the importance of choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, cautioning against using heavy products that can weigh down hair. She addresses the misconception around washing hair daily, suggesting rinsing and conditioning than a full wash to maintain hair health.

A newer staple in every woman’s hair arsenal is dry shampoo. Christina shares that it has positively impacted her hair’s health and allows her to go several days without washing. Tracey echoes the usefulness of dry shampoo, especially for those whose hair looks greasy quickly. They discuss their experiences with dryness and Tracey shares a somewhat unconventional remedy: applying olive oil to hair, wrapping it, and leaving it overnight for a rejuvenating effect. 

Tracey is a goldmine for insights and practical advice for maintaining healthy hair as you age.

Next Gen Success

Tracey’s daughter, Olivia, has followed her mom’s path into the makeup industry. Tracey expresses immense pride in her daughter’s accomplishments, emphasizing that her success was entirely her own doing due to her talent and incredible work ethic. Olivia moved to LA, landed a job after a competitive interview process, and later continued to excel, working with prominent figures like Patrick Ta and now collaborating with the D’Amelio family.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Hair, Healthy Skin

Tracey talks about accepting changes that come with aging as a natural part of life. While wrinkles may appear, staying active and adopting healthy habits can make a significant difference. Healthy habits like exercise, balanced eating, and an active lifestyle can help maintain an overall sense of well-being. 

Christina emphasizes the mental health benefits she has experienced through her daily walking routine. Early morning walks improve circadian rhythms. Tracey stresses the significance of movement, encouraging everyone to start somewhere, even with a slow walk, to keep the body active and circulation flowing. Strong physical and mental health can help us embrace the aging process more gracefully. 

Final Thoughts

In a fun and insightful exploration of beauty for the fabulous 50+ crowd, Tracey shares useful and practical beauty tips accessible to all. As the episode comes to a close, Tracey reflects on resilience, embracing the present moment as her greatest achievement since turning 50, emphasizing the strength she’s cultivated through life’s challenges. 

When asked about her vision for the next decade, Tracey expresses her desire for extensive travel, a goal many of Christina’s guests share.

Beyond the roles of motherhood or marriage, Tracey encourages women to explore their individual identities and embrace love and vulnerability daily, recognizing the unpredictability of tomorrow.

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