Kimberlin Brown, a talented, veteran daytime actress known for her roles on The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, shares her experiences and journey on the Living Ageless and Bold Podcast.

From Modeling to Acting

Kimberlin started her career as a model, working with top agencies in Los Angeles and New York. She began with commercials and small acting roles before deciding to delve deeper into the world of acting.

Humble Beginnings

Despite quickly securing an agent and landing auditions, Kimberlin faced disappointment in her early acting attempts. Her agent provided constructive feedback, pointing out that improvement was needed.

The Importance of Acting Classes

Recognizing the need for training, Kimberlin decided to put her auditions on hold and focus on honing her acting skills. She emphasizes the misconception that acting is solely a natural talent and highlights the significance of proper training and learning the craft.

Learning from Mistakes

Kimberlin’s initial auditions taught her the value of humility and the importance of not burning bridges in the industry. She took the feedback in stride and sought to better herself before pursuing more opportunities.

Taking Acting Seriously

Realizing that acting required dedication and hard work, Kimberlin made a firm commitment to take her craft seriously. She understood that success in the industry required continuous growth and improvement.

The Journey Continues

Stay tuned for the next part of Kimberlin Brown’s interview on the Living Ageless and Bold Podcast, where she discusses her breakthrough in the acting world and shares valuable insights for aspiring actors.

Memorizing and Balancing Storylines

Kimberlin delves into the challenging yet rewarding life of a soap opera actor. The fast-paced nature of the industry requires actors to memorize their lines quickly and accurately, often juggling complex plotlines and emotional arcs. The process of blocking scenes adds another layer of precision, where actors must stand and move at specific moments to ensure seamless performances.

Working on Multiple Soap Operas

As a crossover actress, Kimberlin has worked on two soap operas simultaneously. While she hasn’t been back to one of the shows recently, she shares her gratitude for the success of her character, Sheila, and how the two shows tied their storylines together. She praises the creative freedom she was given in developing her character.

The Reality of the Soap Opera Life

While soap opera life may seem glamorous with hair and makeup and romantic scenes, Kimberlin emphasizes that it’s not all that easy. She has been with her husband for over 40 years, and while her character on-screen may have relationships with attractive men, in real life, it’s all about having a strong and supportive relationship.

As we continue to explore Kimberlin Brown’s interview on the Living Ageless and Bold Podcast, we delve deeper into the intricacies of her soap opera career and the remarkable balance she maintains between her on-screen persona and her off-screen reality. Stay tuned for the final part, where Kimberlin shares insights into her life as an actress and offers advice to aspiring performers on achieving success and fulfillment in the entertainment industry.

A Health Transformation: Finding Inner and Outer Beauty

Kimberlin delves deeper into her health transformation journey, revealing the profound impact it had on her life and career. After her accident, she found herself bedridden for six months, which led to a significant weight gain. Despite her friends’ compliments, she felt unhappy and sought a change.

Her husband’s comment comparing her to other actresses’ ages was a wake-up call. It ignited a fire within her to take control of her health and well-being. After some research, she discovered the Energized Health program, a holistic approach focusing on cellular rehydration to enhance overall health and reverse the signs of aging.

At first, Kimberlin was skeptical of the program’s claims, but she decided to give it a try. To her surprise, the results were nothing short of remarkable. She experienced an energy boost, mental clarity, and her skin began to glow. As she continued the program, she noticed her skin becoming smoother, and her overall appearance started to shift positively.

She shares her newfound passion for healthy living with her husband, who also decided to embark on the journey with her. The program’s emphasis on hydration and natural methods allowed him to shed excess weight and eventually be taken off his cholesterol and blood pressure medications, leaving both of them feeling healthier and more vibrant.

Empowering Women: Taking Charge of Health

Beyond her personal transformation, Kimberlin uses her platform to empower other women to prioritize their health. She addresses the importance of breast cancer awareness, especially for women with a family history of the disease. Encouraging them to be proactive and advocate for their health, she urges getting mammograms early and staying informed about potential risk factors.

In a world where medical advice can vary, she emphasizes the significance of seeking multiple opinions and taking charge of one’s well-being. Her own experiences with health issues have taught her to question authority and consider alternative, holistic approaches that might not be commonly offered but could have a profound impact on one’s health and life.

A Soap Opera Star’s Impactful Journey

Kimberlin’s health transformation has also impacted her career as a soap opera star. As her health and confidence improved, her character on the show underwent a positive change as well. She describes how she started getting more love interests and a resurgence in her popularity, making her character, Sheila, a prominent figure on the show.

Despite being in her early 60s, Kimberlin finds herself embraced as a “new sex symbol” on the soap opera scene. Executive producer Brad Bell praised her looks and encouraged her to maintain her vibrant appearance. Kimberlin’s positive energy and newfound confidence have permeated her portrayal of Sheila, breathing new life into the character she has portrayed for decades.

Finding Happiness and Joy: Embracing the Journey

As she reflects on her journey, Kimberlin shares a valuable lesson she learned about happiness. She emphasizes the importance of giving oneself permission to be happy and to prioritize joy in life. For too long, she, like many women, had prioritized others’ happiness and placed her own well-being on the back burner.

But through her transformation, she discovered that true happiness radiates from within and reflects on the outside. The journey she undertook not only improved her physical health but also revitalized her spirit, leading to a newfound appreciation for life.

With this newfound perspective, Kimberlin encourages women to let go of negativity and surround themselves with positivity and joyful experiences. She shares her motto, “New playground brings new playmates,” which serves as a reminder to seek out enriching experiences and embrace the joy that life has to offer.

In conclusion, Kimberlin Brown’s story is one of transformation, empowerment, and embracing the beauty of life at any age. Her commitment to health and well-being, along with her advocacy for women’s health, inspires others to prioritize their happiness and embrace life’s journey with passion and joy. As she continues her impactful career as a soap opera star, her radiant spirit shines as an example of living ageless and bold.

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