Summer is here. Covid is slowing down so we’re starting to entertain again and doing outside makes everyone feel more comfortable.

I’m poolside today on Good Morning Washington with my summer entertaining favorites. I love entertaining by the pool and these are must-haves.

In summer it gets hot in Virginia. I love the iced bowls that help keep dips and salads chilled even on the hottest of summer days. You might need to hop in the cooler and grab some ice to replace if it melts but it will keep your food fresh and cool all day.

You might need to do some pre-party pre-work and it’s hot outside. Check out the neck fan that will keep you cool while setting up your tables and doing any last-minute lawn work.

The Spandex Table Cloths are my absolute favorite. I use them both for summer entertaining and all my talgates. They have pockets that the table feet go into so no blowing table cloths landing in your food or blowing things over on your table.

These are everyone’s favorite every time I entertain. People are always asking me where to get these.

Dress up your table with a fun punch (alcoholic or not) and serve it in a watermelon rind. Just pop the tap in and serve away.

Speaking of watermelon, that’s a staple at summer parties, Use this awesome windmill slicer for perfect cubes. YUM!

Want to take the party into the pool? Check out these awesome inflatable tables. Serve drinks in there and if you’re brave enough to put food in the pool, put your favorite dip on ice and float, snack, and imbibe.

When the night comes and you want to relax and check out the stars, check out this LED picnic blanket that just lights up your blanket so you can see in the dark. Lay back, relax and enjoy!

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