In honor of Kid Inventor Day, I had the pleasure of showcasing amazing products invented by kids on Good Morning Washington.


Basketball is super fun but when you’re little, where do you put your hands? Check out this ball that has the handprints on the ball to help teach you how to shoot the ball.

Everything is better with bacon but frying a pan of bacon is messy! Check out this awesome invention created by a girl who didn’t want to have to clean up the bacon mess anymore. Makin Bacon works in the microwave and catches all the grease.
Gloves are great but sometimes you just need your fingers. Check out wristies, the original fingerless gloves invented by a young girl. I love when kids are raised with a charitable side. The young brothers who founded Are you Kidding Socks donate back for every pair sold. Many of the sock designs are directly tied to a charity.

Love lemonade? Wait until you watch and hear the story about how Me & The Bees Lemonade started and how this young girl has become so successful using her grandmother’s lemonade recipe and some research she did in elementary school.

You might have seen Mo and his Bow Ties on Shark Tank when Damon John signed on to be his mentor. What a stylish young man who has great taste in fabrics and makes these amazing products!

Watch and learn about these amazing kids!

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