Welcome to the 3rd annual Tailgating Segment I’ve hosted on Good Morning Washington. If you’ve followed me, you know I love to tailgate and we actually call ourselves, VTsBestTailgate (Virginia Tech).

In this segment, I share some of my favorites:

You can’t do anything at a tailgate without a generator. We have TVs, music, crockpot, etc. and that takes power. We love the Ryobi Bluetooth Generator from Home Depot because of the Bluetooth settings.

The cooling cooler is super fun because it pulls the cold air from the ice in the cooler and uses that as air conditioning blowing out cool air.

Looking to build the perfect burger? Look no further than the burger master that lets you make 8 perfectly sized burgers and you can pre-make them and freeze them in the silicone form.

If you watch Shark Tank, you’ll remember the nice young men of Kanga Kase Mate. Keep your beer/drinks cold without the need for ice.

Another fun iceless cooler is the Chill Chest. Just put your food in and put the lid on and the cooler design keeps things cold with no ice.

I love Logo Brands for all of my Virginia Tec logoed products like tents and chairs and my favorite is the collapsible trash can. I think we have 10 of them at the tailgate. They pop open and fold up for easy storage.

The last to are for seating comfort. Check out the foldable bleacher chair that gives you great support and like the trashcans, folds up for easy storage.

And Game Bag is super fun. It’s a weatherproof “sleeping bag” to keep you warm on cold game days. 

Watch the segment and see how they all work.

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