In this Good Morning Washington segment, I dive into last-minute dorm and college apartment space savers.

Space is at a premium for college living so check out some of my favorites.

You might think the 20-pocket long organizer is just for shoes but wait… there so much more you can use it for – cleaning supplies, snacks, and accessories.

One of my kid’s favorites is the 2-tier hangar for the closet. You get twice the space by using this and those dorm closets are so small, you need all the help you can get!

I love having a mirror you can hang over a door – this one is great because not only does it not take up any additional space, you also have room to store all your jewelry.

When I was in college I slept on the top bunk and I would have loved to have had this bedside organizer to keep any nighttime essentials right there.

Another fun option for that are sheets with pockets. Just tuck your cell phone right there in the sheet if you don’t have room for a bedside table.

We just moved my son into a tiny apartment in New York City. His bedroom is 8×8 if we’re lucky. The bed risers were a Godsend so we could lift the bed and store his clothes in zipper bins underneath.

Wish you had a little extra room for your cell phone or a bottle of water by the bed? Check out the Socket Shelf that lets you plug in all of your stuff and then have a little shelf to boot!

Last but not least is an amazing folding ottoman. My daughter and her roommates loved this in their tiny family room. It stores blankets, or books, or whatever you need but doubles as an ottoman or a little table.

Check everything out below!


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