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I was watching Good Morning America last week and saw a story that just resonated with everything I share and write about related to newsjacking and “celebrity sells” when pitching the media.

The story was about the 20th anniversary of the movie (my all-time favorite), Sweet Home Alabama and then discussing which wedding trends from that all-time classic are still on-trend in 2022. They brought on an event/wedding planner who looked at scenes from the movie and shared his views of what would still be on trend now. Of course the proposal scene when Andrew rents out Tiffany’s and lets Melanie pick her ring with all the staff swooning over her is a timeless dream proposal and…. SUPER VISUAL FOR TV!!!

Remember to think about what medium you are pitching. TV should be visual. They took many clips from the scenes from the movie and also video and pictures of current weddings and compared them. We are “watching” television so we need to “see” what you are talking about. That helps when you pitch too, to show them the visuals. With that and then the timely topic – 20th anniversary of the classic movie (i.e. newsjacking). You have the added bonus of celebrity sells – an Acadeny® Award winning actress in Reese Witherspoon.

Remember that Celebrity Sells and it doesn’t have to be you directly related to the celebrity. Watch this short video I did about that:

There are a lot more videos on my YouTube channel HERE or read the posts on my blog HERE to see how easy it is to land in the media IF you follow a process that I have already created for you.

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I talk about newsjacking all the time. I talk about how celebrity sells
and I saw the greatest example last week
of what I’ve been showing and talking about for quite some time.
So I had on Good Morning America,
and they were talking about how it was the twentieth anniversary of the movie,
Sweet Home Alabama. If you haven’t seen it, go see it.
It’s one of my favorites. I’ve probably seen it a hundred times.
But it’s one of those classic movies that just will always be popular.
It’s Reese Witherspoon. Everybody loves her.
She’s only gotten more and more successful since she filmed that twenty years ago.
So what they did is they tied that in
to what our current wedding trends in 2022 and brought on an event planner.
So it was such a perfect example of newsjacking
You know, the twentieth anniversary of just a classic movie and then talking about,
what trends are still popular in weddings today,
it was just a really great segment.
So by paying attention, by listening,
attaching yourself as I’ve talked about before outside of the box,
with newsjacking. Don’t just do what everyone else is gonna do.
Be that wedding planner
for the twentieth anniversary of a great movie with an Oscar-winning actress in it.
And those are the kinds of things that the media loves.
So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR tip.
If you’d like to learn more, go a little deeper,
learn a little bit more how to do this. You can get my free guide
and make sure you share any media successes with me so I can share it out to my tribe.