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You’ve landed in the media. Now what? I hear from people who were on TV and they’re excited and they want it to live on forever. I was on Steve Harvey’s show in 2010 – twelve years ago – and it’s still on the forefront of what I promote regularly. Of course I’ve been on 1000’s of media outlets since then but that’s one of the biggest so I want people to see it, again and again. I get to ride his coattails and use the credibility of being on his show which is amazing.

It’s up to you to be your own megaphone when it comes to your media appearances. YOU need to post it on social media. YOU need to send out a newsletter. YOU need to tell potential clients and customers about it. YOU need to make it live on and on so you can keep getting all the credibility and authority that comes from your appearance.

Here’s a short video on how to use media to land clients:

Media is powerful so use it to your advantage!

There are a lot more videos on my YouTube channel HERE or read the posts on my blog HERE You’ll see how easy it is to land in the media IF you follow a process that I have already created for you.


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Hey, everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip.
You’ve been following me for
a while. You’ve implemented the Get PR Famous™ Formula and now you’ve landed media.
What should you do? It’s up to you to be your own megaphone. It’s
up to you to tell the world about this.
People are going to see it. They’re going to read it. They’re going to hear it.
But you want it to keep going and to last forever.
So here are some ideas of what to do with your most recent media appearance.
Obviously, you want to put it on social media.
If, only if, you’re not going to be on all platforms,
I know that. But, if you are on Facebook or Twitter,
you can pin it for a while. Let people, as soon as they come to your site,
they’ll see it. Instagram, you want to put it on there.
You want to put it on your story. You want to put it in your highlights under your media
Put it on your press page on your website.
Share it on your email signature. And most importantly,
you want to use it so that you can send it out to potential clients and customers.
It’s a great way for you to stay in front of them.
“Hey, John. I thought you might be interested. I was quoted in this article.”
“Hey, Sharon. This is all about your industry.”
And it’s just keeping you front of mind
but then you get to use the authority and the credibility that comes with it.
So make sure you take advantage of any media that you get.
Don’t just have it be a one-and-done.
And remember, media begets media.
So the more you have out there in the world, on your website site,
on social media, the more people that are going to see that
you’ve almost been vetted by the media already,
and then they will use you again for a future interview.
So that is this week’s PR tip.
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download the guide. You also get a bonus video from Cindy Ashton about speaking from
your power in your interviews so people will pay attention
and listen and take action.
And I cannot wait to see you in the media.