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Most kids went back to school this week and it’s a great time to position yourself as an expert and start pitching the media! Think about what value you can bring to kids or parents and this goes from pre-school through college. Just like we all have advice for a college graduate, most of us have something to help students. Whether you are a psychologist, social worker, attorney, insurance agent, doctor, dentist, attorney, contractor, really anything. What advice can you give to either students or their parents.

I gave a bunch of examples in the video above (and the transcript below). Think outside of the box on what value you can provide related to back-to-school and pitch those stories starting today and for about the next 30 days. This is the perfect example of newsjacking. Right now back-to-school is a hot topic so the media is looking for those peripheral stories related to back-to-school that they can share with their audience.

Here’s a short video I did on how to position yourself as the expert which might help if you aren’t quite sure how to position your expertise.

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It is the end of August. I know where I am,
the majority of the kids went to school today.
So for the next thirty days, in terms of your local media,
newspaper, radio, television, you have a great opportunity to pitch back-to-school stories.
Think about what you can talk about related to going back to school
and you have all ages here. You’ve got Pre-K through college.
So there are so many opportunities for so many industries.
If you are in the medical profession,
we can talk about, going back, I know masks are optional in most school systems now.
What does that mean? What should the kids be doing?
How should they be keeping themselves safe?
If you all remember, I had a client last year who did a whole story on “mask mouth”.
She’s a pediatric dentist
and it was all about what wearing the mask all day is going to do to your teeth.
So you could talk about wearing a mask, not wearing a mask,
COVID, other illnesses, teeth,
anything related to that. If you are a mental health expert,
obviously, anytime going back to school,
this is a huge opportunity to talk about those kinds of things,
anxiety, when you’re going from middle school to high school,
elementary school to middle school.Think big.
If you’re a nutritionist, what should be in those kids’ lunches?
If you’re a chiropractor, talk about heavy backpacks.
How should they carry the backpack so they don’t have long term back pain?
All kinds of things you’ve got sports starting.
The opportunities are endless. You’ve got kids starting to drive.
If you’re in insurance, talk about that.
What does that mean? How can parents protect themselves?
Should they use these apps that are out there
to see how fast their children are driving.
So take a step back and really think about back to school.
What can you pitch? And you’ve got about thirty days in which to do this.
But think about that if you have a product, service or brand related to moving into a dorm room,
moving in your first apartment. I could go on and on.
My brain just spins. But I want you to think about those things
and I want you to pitch because it’s a great opportunity. Back to
news jacking, right now is back to school season.
So what are all the peripheral stories that the media can use related to back to school?
Because for the next thirty days, that’s what they’re going to be talking about.
So think back to school, head over to the YouTube channel,
subscribe, ring the bell. There’s tons of resources in there to help you do these pitches.
And if you want a quick download to help you with it,
go to
I take you kind of through step-by-step how to do this.
So download that, figure out your back to school pitches,
and I’ll see you in the media.