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Everyone knows what advertising is but why should they consider publicity? With advertising, YOU direct the message and it’s pretty clear that that is the case because you are paying for it. With publicity, someone else is using you and your expertise as the authority and that gives it more credibility. They call it earned media because you didn’t pay for it, you earned it based on your credentials and value to a news outlet’s audience.

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Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to talk about why publicity is so valuable. And if you like these videos, make sure you head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe and make sure you ring the bell so you’re notified. But why publicity is so valuable? So you have paid media and you have earned media. Paid media obviously is advertising, and that’s you dictating what the message says, but we all know that it’s advertising.
Free publicity is free. It’s what we call earned media, which means it’s somebody else telling the world how great you are. and that’s what makes it so valuable. It’s somebody else giving you credibility, somebody else making you the authority.

And I love to use this analogy of Joe’s Pizza because unless you’re in New York, but anywhere else you think of Joe’s Pizza, New York pizza. So you see the ad for Joe’s Pizza in your local paper and it says best pizza outside of New York City,
and then a few pages later, you read an article that’s written from somebody who used to live in New York, who now lives in your community, who says, “Hidden New York Pizza Gem,” and they talk about this is the best pizza they’ve had since they left New York. You get it. right? Which one is going to make you go try Joe’s pizza, the ad with them telling you how great that it is or the article? So and I understand, advertising is important to all of us. But in terms of the value of publicity and why I’m so excited about it and so passionate about it, is because of that. It’s somebody else telling the world how great you are. So this is why I want you to check out the Get PR Famous Formula. All the videos are on the YouTube channel.

And start pitching the media because it will just elevate your brand. It will every elevate everything about you. It will just help you go from being established to known. So that is this week’s PR tip. If you’d like this and you’d like more,
check out It will give you more tips and ideas and ways that you can land in the media, and I can’t wait to see you there.