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Today I am challenging you to start pitching the media regularly. The only way you’re going to have success is to actually do it. Think about what you can pitch the media for the rest of the year. What is happening or will happen related to your industry or your expertise in the coming months that you can position yourself as the expert.

Some topics to consider: September is good for back-to-school, October is National Financial Planning Month and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month among others, November starts the holiday season and with Thanksgiving comes gratitude and then in December we have the end of the year roundups, holidays, and predictions for 2023.

These are evergreen stories. That means that they aren’t pressing news stories but something that happens at this time every year. Stories related to holidays and seasonality are evergreen. Breaking news stories are those that start trending quickly and have nothing to do with the time of year or anything that always happens at that time.

It’s the breaking news stories where we take what’s trending and create media stories around that which we call newsjacking. If you need a newsjacking refresher, watch this video I did with David Meerman Scott who coined the phrase.


Now, follow the Get PR Famous™ formula and pitch away!  Here are the three steps:

  • Be Newsworthy
  • Create Great Hooks
  • Find the Right Journalist

This goes for both evergreen stories as I mentioned above and for newsjacking.

NOW is YOUR time to be seen, have your voice heard, and really elevate your business. You’ve got two weeks until August so pitch away….

There are tons of videos on my YouTube channel HERE or read the posts on my blog HERE You’ll see how easy it is to land in the media IF you follow a process that I have already created for you.


Anyone can get publicity! It really is PR for ANYONE. Together with my clients, we have over 1 billion views and over $100 million in sales. The system works! It’s time for you to start implementing. If you want to chat about your PR and visibility, click on the box below or use this link >> Let’s Chat. NOW is your time to be seen as THE go-to expert, an A-Lister in your industry! It’s going to be someone, so let’s have it be you and not your competitor. I’d love to connect.: Also, check out our next Get PR Famous upcoming live events at and


Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to challenge you to come up with one pitch per month for the rest of the year. And that’s what we call evergreen pitches.
I already gave you some ideas last week for August, slowest time in the media, best time for you to pitch. Watch here if you missed it:


So then you just have to come up with September, October, November, December. Know that end of the year is harder because that’s all the roundups and that kind of stuff. But if you made a prediction about your industry earlier this year that’s come true, that was kind of an outside of the box thing, that is really important to pitch that, to talk about that.

We do newsjacking. That’s a regular thing that we should be constantly looking in the news to see where we can insert ourselves into conversations, but I want you to think about what can you pitch in August, September, October, November, December, and I challenge you to write it down and to, check out the Get PR Famous™ formula and plan out your pitches. And if you want to do this and if you want help from me, we’ve started, which is really awesome. We meet every single week because the biggest thing I hear is, “I don’t have time to do it.” So take your lunch break with me every Wednesday at 11:00, and let’s actually get your pitches written and sent in.

So that is this week’s PR tip. Again, I’m just challenging you to do it. Just do it. The system works. It’s 100% It works. you just have to implement and you have to be consistent. So I’m super excited. Check out and I cannot wait to see you in the media.