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I’m still debunking PR Myths and this week is PR Myth #3 which is that PR generates sales. Publicity gets you visible, gets your voice heard, get people to know about you but does it generate instant sales, no. I even know people who are on the morning shows on some of their deal offers and it doesn’t drive instant sales. it’s up to you to use that newfound “fame” and celebrity and share it with your existing and potential clients and customers. YOU need to put the sales funnel in place from your media appearance(s).

Take the time to build out that process. Media does give you authority and makes you more credible but it won’t necessarily get you instant sales the minute you appear on television or in a print interview. Do you have an opt-in in place to capture people’s information and put them in a nurturing sequence to get to know you and THEN buy from you? Sales is a process and it takes time and just because you land in the media doesn’t mean you’ll get instant sales. That being said, you’ve instantly up-leveled your game and you need to use that to your advantage to get more clients and customers and close them because you are a media expert.

To catch you up, watch PR Myth #1 which is that hiring a PR firm will not make you famous. YOU make you famous by having a media appearance. Leverage the power of the media to your advantage.

PR Myth #1

PR Myth #2

And PR Myth #2 – you have to send out a press land media attention. The response to that is NO you don’t! In fact, it’s better to do this…


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Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I’m giving you PR myth number three. But before I do that, make sure you subscribe to the channel and ring the bell so you’re notified of all of these. So I started doing PR myths because there’s just a lot of wrong information out there about publicity. So for week number three, it’s that publicity automatically generates sales and it doesn’t.

It absolutely could, but even on these big morning shows when you’re on that, you might see a bump, a spike – and make sure that your website is ready to handle it. But a lot of times it’s really up to you to be your own megaphone about that publicity that you landed. So this is your opportunity to send it to your existing clients to potential clients, to put it out on your social media, to really blast it out there that you were in the media because then you get to use the authority and the credibility that comes with it. So, just landing in the media will not instantly generate sales. Again, It could. I got a $10,000 client from being on television. But it really is you taking that and fostering it and making it part of your bigger marketing plan, and showing people that you are this regular person in the media and that you are the authority and the expert because the media is using you.

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s tip. Again, you can watch all these myths and see how you really can build an authentic PR campaign that will really be beneficial to your business. And if you’d like to learn more and you’d really like to uplevel this part of your marketing and what you’re doing, let’s have a call. So go to and set up a call and I can’t wait to see you in the media.