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I”m starting a little series on PR Myths because I keep hearing things that just aren’t right.

PR Myth #1 – Hiring a PR Firm will make you famous

Hiring a PR firm will not guarantee to make you famous. I use the word “famous” because someone in your industry will be perceived as THE guru, THE expert, THE famous person in the industry.

PR firms are very expensive and although they serve their purpose, for most of the people who are following me, we can’t sustain a long-term PR campaign with a PR firm. We would be looking at a $100,000/year minimum. Most of us don’t have the budget for that and, on top of that, there are no guarantees they can make it happen. That being said, YOU have the power to make yourself famous. With consistent media outreach, using good, newsworthy story ideas, YOU have the ability to turn yourself into a media expert and be seen as famous in your field.

There are so many options on how to do this. You can certainly do this yourself or consider having someone on your team do this or even hire a virtual assistant to help. It’s basically just creating a process and being consistent. I pitch the same media people different stories every month. I make a plan and I stick with it. Consistency is key so you are in front of them regularly. If you have an opportunity to attend a media event, do that! Journalists are just people and by meeting them and building relationships and providing them with good stories, they will welcome you into their tribe. You don’t need a PR firm to make you famous, you can do it all by yourself!

I’ll be posting some more PR Myths in the coming weeks but take this one to heart. You don’t need a five or six-figure budget to be famous, you can do it all by yourself.

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Hey everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to start debunking some myths about publicity. But before I dive in, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell so you’re notified every time I do these PR tips.

So one of the big things is that people think, “Okay, if I hire a PR firm and I spend $50,000 or $100,000 dollars, I will be famous. They will get me out there everywhere. And it’s just not like that. PR is one piece of a bigger picture. You need to check out when the media checks you out so all your assets need to be in place – your website, your LinkedIn profile, your social media, because we don’t know exactly where they’re going to land.

Your messaging needs to be on point so that not only the media but also any potential clients or customers know what you do for them right away. And then it’s what you’re putting out there, your content. Are you good on video? Do you make a good interview? By having all of that out there, you make it so much easier for the media to say “Yes!” And you don’t need to hire an expensive PR firm. If you get all of your pieces in place, you can do it yourself. Your marketing assistant can do it. You can hire a virtual assistant to do this for you. But you’ve got to have everything there so that you look the part. You are the expert and you’re media ready.

So that is this week’s PR tip. If you like this, if you’d like to learn more on how to get all your assets together and really stand out in the media, let’s set up a call at and I can’t wait to see you in the media.