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I always like to give my followers ideas for pitching the media. Now that we are into early May I wanted to give you ideas on what to pitch to both national publications and regional publications. It’s important to remember that national publications are 4 months out so in May, we are pitching for October. Regional publications are 2 months out so we’re looking at stories relevant to July.

Things to consider in October:

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Financial Planning Month – this is a tremendous opportunity for people in the financial space to share their expertise with the world.
  • National Pasta Month – if you are a cook, chef, food blogger, etc. this is a great time to pitch national pasta month. Get creative with it. You don’t want to pitch what everyone else is going to pitch. Have some fun. I just met a food blogger who found some long spirally pasta and she made a sauce and put it on Tik Tok. It went viral because it looked like big worms. That’s what people like. Things that are different.
  • National Learning and Development Month
  • National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – I was so proud of my client who was featured on Good Morning Washington in October. Her charity, Saving Promise was created because her granddaughter, Promise, was the 5th generation of women in her family to experience domestic violence. You can see their segment below. That was the hook – the 5th generation.

If you want to stay local, things to pitch for July are:

  • Summer vacation/travel – Inflation is high, times are tough. What can you share about summer vacations/adventures on a budget?
  • Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month
  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Picnic Month
  • National Hot Dog Month – Check out how my client, Slawsa, landed on the Today Show. Listen to what Dylan says. The founder listened to Dylan on a prior episode so when she sent it in, she referenced that, got her product to Dylan and was featured on National Hot Dog Day!

It’s time to start planning ahead if you want to be in publications.


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Hey everyone! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about what you should be pitching in the media right now because it’s the beginning of May. But before I dive in, make sure that you subscribe to the YouTube channel and ring the bell so that you get notifications when I put these videos out.

What should you be pitching in May? So in terms of publications, remember that national publications are four months out, which means we’re talking October. So of course everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s also Financial Planning Month. So if you have anything at all to do in that space, it’s a great time to plan ahead. And you know, this is a really rough year. Inflation is really high. Prices are going up. Supply chain is down. There’s a lot of stuff that you can talk about – lots of different industries in that, that you could talk about. And then, if you want to pitch regional publications,
those are two months out.

So, what are they thinking about for July? Well, summer… And again, times are really tough right now. How do you vacation on a budget? What percentage of your savings should you use on a vacation? Now that we’re really thinking about saving and things like that, what is it that you can talk about this summer? Maybe it’s efficiency in your home. If you’re an HVAC person, what could you be doing to make your filters last longer so that you’re saving money? Think the topics right now are really about saving and because we’re in some tough expensive times right now. So think about what in your industry relates to July and pitch regionally and what in your industry relates to October and then picture National Publications for that.

So that is this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. If you like this, if you want to learn more if you’re right here in your business and you just really want to up-level and get to the next level and really get your voice heard have a call with me and let’s see what we can do.