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If you aren’t doing video yet, it’s really important to start. According to Tech Jury:

  • Video is the number 1 source of information for 66% of people
  • Over 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day
  • More than 75% of all video views come from mobile devices
  • The global video market was valued at $39.61 billion in 2018
  • YouTubers upload 300 hours of video content to the platform every minute
  • 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content
  • People spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos

To me, the biggest statistic that stands out in this is that 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content. I know for me, I regularly gain clients because of video content I put out. Of course, if you are reading this you know that I put out a Free Publicity Friday PR Tip every single Friday. It’s that consistency that makes it work. People love it. They expect it. And they become clients from it.

If you need some help on what to use for video content, watch this 2:41 minute video on

How to Create Great Content Fast

For YouTube you want longer-form content to get your watch hours up but actually, most people prefer to consume short-form video. Think of Instagram reels and Tik Tok. People love quick consumption. This is why my PR Tips are generally under 2 minutes. I want people to watch them, consume them, and take action and when they are short and sweet, that happens.

Short videos also allow people to quickly get to know you and get a quick taste of your personality since they are more likely to hit play on a shorter video than a longer one. Finally, solve a problem in your videos. What issues does your ideal consumer have and how can you fix it? When they understand and feel what you are saying and you can provide a solution, that will resonate with them.

Learn more and read the transcript below and start doing amazing videos today!


Anyone can get publicity! It really is PR for ANYONE. Together with my clients, we have over 1 billion views and over $100 million in sales. The system works! It’s time for you to start implementing. If you want to chat about your PR and visibility, click on the box below or use this link >> Let’s Chat. NOW is your time to be seen as THE go-to expert, an A-Lister in your industry! It’s going to be someone, so let’s have it be you and not your competitor. I’d love to connect.: Also, check out our next Get PR Famous upcoming live events at and


Hi everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. So I’m now hosting this show on Daily Ad Brief called More 2 Media where I interview industry experts in digital marketing, media, regular marketing. And there is one theme that is really underlying in all my interviews and I’m going to share that with you. But first, make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube Channel and ring the bell so that you’ll get all these videos. I want to make sure you guys are armed and ready to pitch the media.

But the number one theme is video. And we’ve seen it and we’ve been talking about it for years and years and years. But if you’re going after the Gen-Xers and Millennials, and people like that, that’s all they’re doing. And it’s short form quick video. You’ll see when I do my PR tips they’re always less than 2 minutes. Very rarely do I go over. It’s short, digestible content, that’s good and valuable. So, do your videos, short form, sweet. Give them the wow. You know, how can you help them? What’s the pain point? What do you fix? Hook them in right away. Record that video and start getting it out there. People want to work with people and video is the best way to get people to know you without getting to know you in person. So really start to build out your video strategy. Check out the YouTube Channel. There’s all kinds of tips on there that can help you in this regard. And at the end of the day, I just want you to start putting out great content and start pitching the media.

And if you haven’t gotten your Playbook yet, go to I created a guide that’s a step-by-step to help you land in the media.