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Happy Spring!!! Although it’s still cold where I am, NOW is the time to start pitching the media all of your spring ideas. Spring is a rebirth, new beginnings, upgrades, repairs, taxes, days celebrating parents, and graduations. The video below will dive into some ideas too. I’ll actually be on Good Morning Washington in a few weeks sharing my favorite spring cleaning hacks. What I pitched was that the number one search on Google right now is “how to clean…”. People are searching for “cleaning tips” and I’m going to provide it. And by putting that nugget in my pitch helped me get the yes!

One thing that every single person reading this post can be sure of, is that they have something to pitch the media relating to upcoming college graduates. We all have something that would be advice to them. I can talk to college grads (and I do) about personal brand and how to build a strong LinkedIn profile so they stand out in the job market search. Financial advisors have a wealth of knowledge of what to teach them about saving for the future. Realtors, how can a recent grad buy a home? Should they rent? Should they move home with mom and dad and save?

Something I work with college students on regularly is their personal brand. They don’t realize that they have to start that right when they get to college and build and maintain it as they go through their four years. I’m actually going to be pitching that story today because it’s applicable to both high school graduates and college graduates.

Think about what you can talk to a graduate about. What do they need to know that you know about your industry and pitch that.  And as always, whether your pitch is accepted or not, this provides you with content so if it doesn’t work out this time, it’s still good to write a blog or shoot a video about.


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Hey everyone! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. It’s the start of spring. This is one of my favorite times to pitch television. I’m actually going to be on TV in two weeks doing a Spring Hacks – Spring Cleaning Hacks, but this is such an ideal time to pitch TV. You’ve got spring new awakenings. You’ve got Mother’s Day. You’ve got Father’s Day in June. And you have graduation.

This is what I tell everybody – all of my clients – every single person watching this video has a story to pitch television related to graduates. Whether it’s high school graduates or college graduates and specifically college graduates, we all bring an expertise in your industry. No matter what you are. If you’re a real estate agent – what does that college graduate need to do to prepare to buy a house someday? If you’re a financial planner, what does that college graduate need to do to start putting away money now to be set for retirement or when they decide to have kids. So really look at your industry and what advice you can give a college graduate. And then for TV, you want to make it personable and fun if you’re on a morning show. Is there a visual that you have? Do you have a book that you could bring. Depending on what it is, do you have b-roll, which is just footage that you take off of your camera that they could insert in or photographs related to the industry. But again, every single person watching has something that they can pitch a story to their local television, that will help a college graduate.

So that is this week’s PR tip. If you’d like to learn more, I launched my PR Playbook at that really gives you a step-by-step on how to pitch the media and how to start having this amazing success. So check it out at and I can’t wait to see you in the media.