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It’s the age-old question… what is more impactful to a business – advertising or publicity? Both are needed in business but which one is most valuable? You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually publicity.

#1 – publicity is free – advertising you pay for

#2 – publicity is someone else telling the world how great you are – advertising is you telling the world how great you are

#3 – publicity is what we call “earned media.” Someone else is using you as an industry expert so you’ve earned that citation.

When someone sees you on TV or in an article or hears you on the radio or on a podcast, you have instant credibility… instant authority. You are seen as “famous” in your industry. This is the power of media.

Additionally, you will get the SEO that comes with an online article and that is incredibly valuable in terms of links back to your site and the authority that it builds for your website or blog. So at the end of the day, yes, advertising is valuable and works for generating leads for a business but… in terms of which is more valuable, credible, and creates more authority – that is publicity. Make sure you use the publicity to your advantage to position yourself in your industry and grow your visibility and your business.

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Hey everyone. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about advertising versus publicity and why one is worth so much more. But before I dive in, make sure that you like the YouTube Channel and subscribe and ring the bell, and that way you’re notified of these videos every Friday.

So, advertising versus publicity…which one do you think is worth more? It’s actually publicity. Advertising is something that we pay for and it’s us telling the world how great we are and advertising has a place in our marketing package that we do. But publicity is so great. First of all, it’s free, and second of all, it’s somebody else telling the world how great you are. So that’s why they call it earned media.

And I always love to use an example of Joe’s Pizza because we all have Joe’s Pizza. And if you’re in New York City, this doesn’t work quite as well. But let’s say you see an ad in your local Gazette, and it says, “Joe’s Pizza, Best Pizza Outside of New York City and, you know, it’s an ad, you know what the pizza ad looks like. But then imagine if you flip a few pages and there’s an article, entitled, Hidden New York Pizza Gem” and the person who wrote the article moved to the area a few years ago from Brooklyn and has never had pizza this good outside of New York. Which one is really going to make you go try the pizza? The article.

So that’s why publicity is so important and so valuable and worth so much more than advertising. It’s third-party credibility and that’s why I get so passionate about it. Like I said, we all have advertising that we have in our marketing budget, but doing this piece of PR just gives you so much more credibility, so much more authority and is just so much more valuable than advertising.

So make sure you watch all the videos here on the channel and really learn how to do it. And if you want to go to the next level, check out my new PR Playbook at I give you a step-by-step on how to do this so that you can land in the media and I can’t wait to see you there.