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You got the YES! Now how do you give a great interview? Most importantly is to be prepared. Obviously, you know your topic but it’s important to know what the area of your topic the journalist wants to discuss. This is important in case it’s something a bit obscure and you aren’t prepared for it. I spoke in another post about it being ok to say you don’t know in an interview but you don’t want to be completely caught off guard. It’s rare to happen but by being prepared, you know for sure it won’t happen. I am not a fan of having questions upfront. Interviews go much better when they are conversational.

Know your soundbites. These are nuggets of information you provide in a succinct manner getting your message across quickly and easily.

Here is a video I did on speaking in sound bites that might be helpful to come up with ones for you and your specific topic:

Your interview is not a sales pitch. Media is editorial content unless you are paying for advertising. The fastest way to never get asked back again is by making it all about you and selling.

As I say over and over again, your job is to provide value to their audience. If you come prepared with that, you will knock it out of the park and be asked back again and again.

Lastly, see how that journalist conducts interviews, especially on TV. You can get a feel right away for how yours will go. Record segments and watch them and then give them exactly what they want!

Homework and preparation will help you give an incredible interview and have you doing more and more interviews.


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Hey everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week, I want to give you some tips on how to give a great media interview. But before I do that, I want to make sure you subscribe to the YouTube Channel and ring the bell so you get all of these great videos every time we put them out.

So there are a couple things to think about before you do your media interview and the first one seems super obvious, but make sure you know exactly what they’re interviewing you on. You might go in thinking it’s about one thing and then they totally catch you off guard. So just have that conversation with a journalist just to make sure that you’re on the same page. And then along those same lines, you want to be prepared for that specific interview. Come up with what kind of messaging you want to get across – think of sound bites. The media loves sound bites. And I’ve done other videos about sound bites that you can check out here. But speak in soundbites.

Don’t sell. This is not where you just constantly want to say, “Oh, yeah, PR for Anyone, PR for Anyone.” No. You are there to provide value. I promise that they will say who you are and where you come from and link back to you, when it goes on the website or on the domain, whatever – if it’s a print interview or if it’s a television interview – but don’t sell. It’s really important because they don’t like that and they don’t want to have people like that back. And then at the end, make sure you say thank you. Appreciate the opportunity that you were given.

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