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Happy New Year! Are you looking for strategies to pitch the media today? Here’s a great way to jump on something super easy that happens every single year. Twice a year all states implement new laws. This happens on January 1st and July 1st. Seeing what new laws are being enacted and how they affect your industry is a great way to position yourself as an expert and make yourself newsworthy. This is newsjacking at its finest. It’s always going to happen so you can prepare well in advance. If you need a quick refresher on Newsjacking, here’s an interview I did with David Meerman Scott who coined the phrase:

How do I know about new laws in my state?

A simple google search of “new laws in [state] 2022” gives you quite a few resources. Because I live in Virginia, I’ll use Virginia as an example. Here is a sampling of laws that went into effect on January 1, 2022:

Minimum wage increase – Are you in an industry where this is impacted? Are you a real estate agent who can talk about how this helps people qualify for a higher mortgage?

Insurance requirements – Minimum crash coverage requirements are now in effect. If you are an insurance agent, this is a great time to pitch a story about this. You can explain what it means, what it is going to cost, and when people have to comply.

Animal Cruelty – The Humane Cosmetics Act bans the use of animals in cosmetics testing. Are you in an industry that can speak to this topic?

Criminal History – This law prohibits public universities and colleges from asking about someone’s criminal history during the admissions process. Are you a college counselor or attorney who can speak to this?

Check out the new laws in your state and see what you can pitch to the media TODAY. This topic is an easy “yes.” The media is going to cover the new laws anyway and by positioning yourself as the expert, you provide yourself an amazing opportunity to be featured in the media immediately.


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Hey everybody. It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. First of all, Happy New Year – 2022! We can get rid of 2021. Thank goodness. In today’s PR tip I want to talk about how you can use new laws
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So January 1st many states have new laws, most states have new laws. Look into that and see if there are any new laws that took effect that affect your industry where you can position yourself as the expert. So I want you to do a little research, see what laws changed and see if there’s something that you can insert yourself into the conversation and then I want you to pitch the media about that positioning you as the expert – and what that means in your local community, what that means for your industry, what that means for the area, for the state, for the community, whatever it is, that could be impacted by that new law.

I want you to be the expert. So that is this week’s tip. Again, Happy New Year. I’m super excited. I want to see you in the media this year. Reach out to me if I can help in any way at all and make sure you check out our live event in Dallas that we hold two times a year,, where we actually get shi*t done. and we pitch the media right there while you’re there and we turn you into a star.