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Landing in the media is as easy as these three steps to a killer media pitch!

Step 1 – The Hook. The hook is the most important aspect of all of your marketing. If you can’t “hook” someone in right away, you’ve lost them. They say our attention spans are now less than that of a goldfish. I even read somewhere we have 3 seconds to grab attention. Your hook is what gets them in those 3 seconds. The same holds true for a journalist. They get 100’s of emails a day. You’ve got to hook them in right with your subject line or they might never see your idea.

Step 2 – Be Concise – Think of your own email inbox. Which emails do you read right away? The short ones or the really long ones? If you’re like me, you read the short ones. I had a news anchor tell me that PR firms made it easy for. her. They sent such long wordy emails that she would just hit delete and never read anything. Get to your pitch quickly and concisely to make it easier for the journalist or producer to give you the yes!

Step 3 – Provide Value – The end goal of any story or segment is to give the reader, viewer or listener something of value. It’s important that your media pitch have something valuable for the audience. This isn’t about you, it’s about information you can provide to the masses. This could be educational or entertainment but in the end, the value is important.

Keep these 3 things in mind anytime you plan to pitch the media. You’ll also want to use these when implementing the proven Get PR Famous formula that we know works when pitching the media.

Here’s a quick refresher video on that:

By using the 3-step formula:

  • Be Newsworthy
  • Create a Great Hook
  • Find the Right Journalist

And then adding in being concise and valuable in your newsworthy story idea, you are that much closer to getting the yes and landing in the media!


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Hey everyone! It’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I’m going to give you the three steps for a killer media pitch. But before we dive in, make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell so you’ll always be notified when we put all these amazing videos out.

So three steps to a killer media pitch, and you’ve heard me talk about this, but I can’t reiterate it enough and enough. Number one is the hook. You’ve got to have a good hook. Like what is it that’s going to draw that journalists in to read your pitch, your email. Make sure it’s concise. I actually just interviewed somebody in the media an Executive Producer from a morning show and she said the same thing. Don’t write this long stuff. Just tell them what it is. Make it short. Make It Sweet. And then number three is, you’ve got to have value. It’s got to be valuable. It’s not a me me me me me me me me me – the story is all about me. It’s “hey, this would be really valuable to your audience” and make sure you can show that in the pitch. Their job is to provide valuable content that people are going to want to watch and like and share and comment on. So it’s really important that you can provide that to give them a great hook, make it super concise and then make sure that whatever you’re pitching is valuable to their audience.

So that is this week’s PR tip. If you’d like this and you’re ready to take your business to the next level, feel free to set up a call with me at And you can always check out our amazing live event at