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Yes, you can be a publicist…. without being a public relations professional. You just need public relations skills. You need to learn the basics so that when you reach out to a journalist, you are doing it in a professional manner and giving them what they want and need. My Get PR Famous Formula is simple. 3-step proven process that helps you get the YES! You want to be newsworthy, you need a great hook so they read your email, and then you need to make sure you are reaching the RIGHT journalist.

Here is a short video I did that explains how this works.

With all three steps in place, you are much more likely to have success. You want to just make it easy for the journalist. Give them everything they want and need. Hand it to them on a silver platter and watch how quickly you get the yes. Access to journalists used to be like a coveted golden Rolodex but today, you can get right to them. It’s so easy to build relationships with any journalist. Be valuable. Show them how valuable are. Give them great content in a format they can use on their platform and you will be light years ahead of others when pitching the media. Be newsworthy – try newsjacking. Create a great hook – look at magazine covers for ideas. Find the right journalist – use Google!

The formula works. It’s proven. I use it every day in my own business so I’m not just telling you to try something, I know t works! Are you next? Land in the media and see what it does for your business.


Anyone can get publicity! It really is PR for ANYONE. Together with my clients, we have over 1 billion views and over $100 million in sales. The system works! It’s time for you to start implementing. If you want to chat about your PR and visibility, click on the box below or use this link >> Let’s Chat. NOW is your time to be seen as THE go-to expert, an A-Lister in your industry! It’s going to be someone, so let’s have it be you and not your competitor. I’d love to connect.: Also, check out our next Get PR Famous upcoming live events at and


Hey everyone, it’s Christina Daves with this week’s Free Publicity Friday PR Tip. This week I want to talk about public relations skills and what you need to land in the media. Before I dive in, make sure you subscribe to the channel, ring the bell so you get notified.

But what kind of skills do you need to be a PR expert? And what’s so amazing now is, you don’t need a publicist. We have access. We have access to anyone and everyone. Look how easy it is to have access to a celebrity. So the media we don’t need to hire an expert, but you need the skills to learn how to do it properly. I’ve shown you this before. I’m going to replay the video or give you the video again as well in this post, but learn the Get PR Famous Formula. It’s a system I created. It works. It works over and over again.

You want to be newsworthy, which means you want to find a trending story, something that you want the media to say “Yes”, right now. Evergreen is something you can kind of pitch anytime and you want those in your back pocket, too, when you don’t have a trending story that you can pitch those. But those relevant timely stories are the most important. You need a great hook. You need a subject line. You need them to want to read what that newsworthy story idea is and then you’ve got to find the right journalists. Use Google. Who writes about your industry for this publication. It’s really that easy if you follow the simple steps.

Like I said, if you subscribe to the channel, you’ll get these. Look at some of the older videos that I’ve done. They’ll show you step-by-step how to build these public relations skills so you can be your own publicist and land in the media because I know of no better way to get that many people to learn about your business without paying for advertising. So check all of this out. Follow the formula. I can’t wait to see you in the media. And if you’d like to talk about learning more, working together, if there’s a fit, how we can get your business and your expertise to the next level, reach out to me, set up a call at